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TUF 30’s Claire Guthrie talks United Fight League 3 fight Saturday, Finding A Home At Bantamweight & Video Games

Interview with Claire Guthrie above

Claire Guthrie (5-2) discusses her bantamweight fight against Zurina Turrey (2-0) at United Fight League 3 this Saturday. Claire also spoke about her training camp for this fight, her love for video games and how this opportunity came together fighting for Untied Fight League.

“It’s been pretty tough finding other bantamweights. Really it was just what fight is there, we’ll take any fight we can find. I had heard of UFL before, obviously I have a teammate Justin Wetzell who’s in there. And now another teammate, Josh Marsh is jumping in there. I thought it was super cool, I like the tournament style. Again, for bantamweights, I feel like there just aren’t a tough of options. So, I love that they have that option for us.”


United Fight League 3 fight card:

Shane Sobnosky vs. Ty Gwerder – 185 lbs
Canaan Kawaihae vs. Chris Mecate – 145 lbs
Ryan Loder vs. Lajuan Davis – 185 lbs
Sitik Muduev vs. Josh Marsh – 145 lbs
Brandon Lewis vs. Justin Wetzell – 145 lbs
Amun Cosme vs. Valodia Aivazian – 135 lbs
Ashley Reece vs. Dzhokhar Duraev – 170 lbs
Jose Delgado vs. Arthur Dufloo – 145 lbs
Luis Iniguez vs. N. Veretennikov – 170 lbs
Braden Goodwin vs. Cory Dea – 125 lbs
Zurina Turrey vs. Claire Guthrie – 135 lbs
J. Santa Cruz vs. Steven Chang – 125 lbs
Raja Jackson vs. Steve Collins – 155 lbs
Brittney Cloudy vs. Veronika Smolkova -135 lbs


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