UFC 248, Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya celebrates a title defense at UFC 248.

UFC Fight Pass Announces Six Original Series

UFC Fight Pass is constantly evolving. With loads of live events from regional MMA to grappling events, the platform is a big part of the UFC’s image to the public. Today, the UFC announced that it is producing six new series exclusively for the platform. Year of the Fighter, Fightlore, Knockouts Only, UFC Watch Party, UFC Fight Physics and UFC Chronicles all will focus on different aspects of the promotion.

Each episode will be up to 30 minutes and the first episodes debut on April 18th. Fightlore and Year of the Fighter are the first two to debut on the platform.

UFC Fight Pass Offerings

Fightlore dives into the legends and untold stories from martial arts. The stories will be part of legend telling and aims to animate them to life. The series will be 8 episodes. Year of the Fighter focuses on the UFC’s biggest stars. The first six episodes will focus on Israel Adesanya and his rise to becoming a champion. The show will be narrated by the fighters themselves. Watch the trailer below!

Knockouts Only drops April 20th. It will be the best knockouts from around the combat sports world. It aims to gather the best finishes and put them all in one place. UFC Fight Physics comes on April 20th. It will be a science-minded show to get down to the nitty gritty numbers for a fighter. It will be held at the UFC Performance Institute. The last with a release date is UFC Watch Party which comes out on April 24th. It will give fans a sneak peek at the homes of UFC athletes and capture real time reactions to their fights and such.

The only show without a release date is UFC Chronicles. It will tell the stories of athletes, coaches and personalities behind the UFC in the form of a short documentary.

Stay posted for all the latest news surrounding UFC Fight Pass original series as they come out. Thanks for reading!

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