Victoria Ivashko

Victoria Ivashko, 9-year-old judoka, killed in Russian missile attack

The price of war is great. But it’s not just military combatants that die in war. It’s not just adults. Sadly, it’s also children. The cold, unrelenting toll of war has no preference and will take what it can. On June 1st, a young Ukranian girl, Victoria Ivashko, and her mother was killed in a missile attack in Kiev. Ivashko was not just a judoka martial artist, despite quotes in this article coming from Ukraine’s Judo Federation President, she was a daughter. Her life was cut short in Russia’s siege of Ukraine.

The incident happened due to the launch of 10 missiles fired at Kiev and citizens were looking for cover. Ukrainian defense systems were able to shoot down the missiles, but the shrapnel was impossible to stop and ultimately cost Ivashko’s family so much.

The Ukraine Judo Federation President Mykhailo Koshlyak did comment on the situation and tragic loss of life.

“Vika’s trainer says that she was an incredible child, very calm, brave and cheerful. But another attack by Russian missiles took the girl to the sky.”

He continues to talk about the great toll of war and the Russian cost at the expense of Ukrainian citizens.

“To date, 483 children have died during the full-scale war in Ukraine.” He continues, “We have already lost 300 athletes.”

Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Victoria Ivashko

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy also talked about the cost of war and Victoria Ivashko’s passing. “At night, RF [Russian Forces] again killed a child in Kyiv. Since 2014, the terrorist country has been committing crimes against small Ukrainians.”

Once again, he calls for action as he believes his culture is and way of life is at risk.  “From February 24, 2022, no one has any doubts – this is a real genocide.” He continues, “And there will be responsibility for this.”

Victoria Ivashko

Keep Victoria Ivashko’s family in mind this day as you hug your child tonight. Life is fragile and war is the most unforgiving.



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