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Victoria Lee

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Victoria Lee on ONE: Battleground win and martial arts goals

Victoria Lee garnered a first-round mounted triangle armbar victory over Wang Luping. This went down on July 30th from Singapore Indoor Stadium at ONE: Battleground.

I spoke with The Prodigy about her sophomore pro-MMA performance and her broader goals as a martial artist.

Victoria Lee

Now understanding her siblings Christian and Angela crying after victories inside the ONE Circle

“Definitely I mean, you would never think, right? Like, why would you cry after a fight? But it’s not until you’ve literally put in the hours on the mat training. Seeing it all just come together and having the hard work pay off. It’s a huge wave that hits you. You don’t see it coming.”

Was this the most fully realized, comprehensive performance you could have hoped for?

“I think I performed well this match because I was able to stick to the game plan. Just to go in there and you know, I’m really happy that I was able to stick to the game plan.”

The defined goals set in place to continue Victoria Lee’s growth as a martial artist

“My goal as a martial artist is just to keep improving. Keep training every day and upping my skill set. Taking as many fights as I can to build up the experience. And eventually, my goal is to become a world champion one day. So that’s just the process leading up to it. I’m not planning on rushing it or trying to break more records or anything like that.”

I’m curious if you were able to see the fight between Ritu Phogat and Lin Heqin. Just being that it’s a fight within your division there

“Oh, I haven’t been able to see it yet. We just got back to the hotel and I think she was up right after me.”

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