Video: BROADENED HORIZIN Episode 10: Megumi Fujii, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, Juntaro Ushiku, Lenne Hardt, and Saori Oshima

This is BROADENED HORIZIN. The MMA podcast show hosted by Drake Riggs where we chat with your favorite Japanese and RIZIN superstars… in English!

Episode 10 acts as the big one-year anniversary special. Therefore it was only appropriate to bring back some notable past guests who helped get the show off the ground.

Three new faces kicked things off, however, as the recently minted RIZIN featherweight champion Juntaro Ushiku came on to speak about his RIZIN 31 triumph against Yutaka Saito. With a Deep title also to his name, Ushiku’s target on his back only expands.

The iconic voice of Lenne Hardt then graced BROADENED HORIZIN with her vocal presence to reflect on her journey into MMA – from the days of PRIDE FC to RIZIN.

Like her fellow champion in Ushiku, Deep Jewels atomweight and microweight queen Saori Oshima performed brilliantly at RIZIN 31 when upsetting Kanna Asakura via split decision. She broke down the win and discussed what the future may hold.

The first of the two returning guests is none other than the boss himself, Nobuyuki Sakakibara. With two new RIZIN event types on the way as 2022 approaches, Sakakibara let us know everything we can expect from Japan’s finest.

Last but not least, one of BROADENED HORIZIN’s very first guests, the legendary Megumi Fujii, made her return to close out the show. As a mother to a young daughter in a fighting family, Fujii shared some insight into what it’s been like parenting in such a unique setting.

All that and more on BROADENED HORIZIN! Watch the full episode in the video above or you can listen on Spotify.



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