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VIDEO: Female groin shots hurt too

Groin shots are common in mixed martial arts.  Often times, one fighter will throw a kick, aiming for the upper leg or stomach area, but either the strike is poorly timed, or opponent movement causes the attack to hit the fouled region.

While you often see groin shots it in men’s competition, we rarely think of the effects on women.

For obvious reasons, MMA fighters are not permitted to strike their opponents in the groin in any way. Although all fighters are required to wear a protective cup, major damage can still be done by groin strikes. Like headbutts, intentional infractions of this type are almost non-existent.

A video posted to YouTube by BocksRoxer has the below caption in describing the effects on women.

“Low blow kick during Women’s Kickboxing/MMA looks painful!

“For educational purposes: Everyone thinks a woman is invincible between the legs because of Hollywood and mainstream media. Nut shots aren’t the only things that hurt! It hurts girls to get ball busted, too…err, vagina busted? Cunt punted? See, I don’t even know what to call it! We need a more appropriate name for the girl version of the crotch shot, because it hurts ladies too!

“There are thousands of youtube videos of guys getting hit in the nuts (TV, movies, video games, etc), so why should the female version be represented, too?”

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