MIckey Gall, Mickey Gall chokes out friend

VIDEO: Mickey Gall chokes friend out in demonstration, reaction is priceless

UFC Veteran Mickey Gall has been killing it on the Slick & Thick Podcast alongside Gerard Michaels as of late.

On the most recent episode, Mickey Gall chokes his willing friend Benjamin for demonstration purposes, or science, whatever the kids are calling it these days.  Keep in mind…. we ranked Gall in the top 15 rear-naked choke submission artists in MMA history not long ago.

The caption on the social media post reads:

“Wanna see someone get choked out? Never a boring day on @slicknthickshow . Here is a demonstration of a rear naked choke. My boy @benjamin558 is a fuggin G! Listen to the pod and hear the long dream he had while asleep for only a few seconds AND A LOT MORE!

“The @bruteseltzer was flowing we mighta had too much fun


We must emphasize “do not try this at home”

Part 1 below:


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Part 2 below:


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Gall holds a professional mixed marital arts record of 7-5 and has five rear-naked choke submission wins in the UFC.

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