Vitor Belfort granted license by NSAC, expected to fight Weidman for title

Vitor Belfort granted license by NSAC, expected to fight Weidman for title

Vitor ‘the Phenom’ Belfort was in Nevada today for a hearing with the state’s athletic commission regarding his prior failed drug tests and his requests to be granted for a license allowing him to fight again.

The hearing aired live on UFC Fight Pass and in the end the number one contender to the middleweight title was granted a reinstatement as long as he plays by a couple of rules.

First, the fighter must adhere to any drug tests the commission puts forth at any time at his expense, both blood and urine.  Second, he cannot fight before December and he must fight in Las Vegas before accepting a fight anywhere else.


Here is a log of todays proceedings with Vitor meeting the NSAC…

1:40 pm: Belfort reads prepared statement about how cooperative he is and his drug tests.

1:42 pm: Belfort downplays 2006 steroid bust, feigns ignorance.

1:43 pm: Belfort says he won’t fight any earlier than December, welcomes drug tests.

1:45 pm: Weepy Belfort says he won’t fight anywhere else (including Brazil) until he can first fight in Las Vegas.

1:50 pm: NSAC wants Vitor to pay for any drug tests that come from his licensing.

1:55 pm: NSAC threatens to test Belfort until the day he retires, both urine and blood.

2:00 pm: NSAC wants ability to test Belfort no matter where he is scheduled to compete, Brazil, Florida, etc.

2:02 pm: Belfort granted conditional license to fight Chris Weidman at UFC 181 in Las Vegas.

An official announcement regarding the fight with Weidman has not been made although December 6 is the proposed date.

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