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Wow Vegas Review USA 2023: Is Wow Vegas Legit & Legal or Scam?

Wow Vegas is a social platform that offers sweepstakes gaming options for players across the USA. It offers a huge collection of slots and tops it off with amazing contests on social media. Players also get lots of virtual coins, promotions, and rewards for fun activities. The website is navigable and can be accessed via mobile devices.

The Wow Vegas welcome bonus offer treats new players to a great exclusive welcome bonus of a whopping 1.5 million Wow Coins and some 30 Sweeps Coins. This Wow Vegas review explores the different features offered by the casino and offers tips on how to take advantage of them.


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  • There are many free games
  • You enjoy social media contents
  • The site is navigable and easy to use
  • There are over 300 slots


Address Peveril Buildings, Peveril Square, at Douglas, IM99 1RZ
Welcome Bonus Enjoy 1.5 million Wow Coins and 30 Sweepstake Coins


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Wow Vegas Exclusive Welcome Bonus Offer and Promo Code

Wow Vegas bonus code wows its new customers with a generous welcome package that will get them playing for a long period. On sign-up, customers get part of the offer and additional coins as they move on. Here is a quick overview of the Wow Vegas welcome bonus offer.

Do You Need a Promo Code?

There is no promo code requirement when claiming the Wow Vegas exclusive welcome bonus offer. On signing up, customers get a good 5,000 free coins and a sweepstakes coin. There may be a code requirement later. Therefore, keep checking the casino for such requirements. You can use the free coins to play any of the slot titles available at the casino.

At times, the casino offers exclusive discounts to new players. The $29.99 offer offers up to a 200% bonus at the casino. This bonus is seasonal. So, check if other Wow Vegas promotions are available at the time you sign up.

Is it Legal to Use Wow Vegas?

Is Wow Vegas legit? This casino is not a scam. It operates legally within the United States. Therefore, you can play on the platform without suffering any consequences from your gaming escapades. Wow Casino is owned and run by Wow Entertainment Limited. The company is regulated in the US, Isle of Man, and Canadian jurisdictions.

States Where the Casino is not Legal

This casino debuted in 2021. Being a social casino, it does not need additional licenses in most states. Here, you can sign up at the casino as long as you are 18 years of age. You do not need to make a deposit to start playing at the casino.

The casino is restricted in the following states:


  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Washington

Do You Play with Real Money at Wow Vegas?

Wow Vegas is a social casino that offers a unique gaming experience where players engage purely for entertainment purposes without involving real money. It is crucial to understand that the focus is on enjoyment rather than monetary transactions. In addition, Wow Vegas Casinos are known for their generosity, providing players with daily login bonuses in the form of sweepstakes coins.

This system ensures that players do not require real-money purchases to participate, as they can rely on the abundance of free Wow Coins provided. In the event that players exhaust their coin reserves, they have the option to conveniently purchase various coin packages using one of the secure casino payment methods available. This ensures a seamless gaming experience for all users.


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What Payment Methods Do You Use at Wow Vegas

Wow Vegas accepts transactions from reputable online payment methods, which makes it easier for customers to transact with the casino. Players in the US can use cards or e-wallets to make deposits. You can use these options to buy an additional coin package if you deplete the initial offers. Here are the options.


Payment Provider Fees Min and Max Limit Processing Period
Visa 3% $20 to $2,500 immediate
MasterCard 3% $20 to $2,500 immediate
Skrill 2.5% $10 to $5,000 immediate for deposits, 1 to 48 hours for withdrawals
American Express 2.5% $20 to $2,500 Immediate


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How to Win Prizes at Wow Vegas

Social games are casino games for entertainment and social interaction. These games incorporate all the features of traditional games but aim to encourage players to connect and engage with each other. They provide enjoyment and entertainment to players, often through the use of virtual goods or in-game currency.

You can earn it or purchase it with real money. Developers generate revenue through microtransactions, which allow players to make small purchases within the game for virtual items or advantages.

Sweepstakes contests are promotional campaigns or competitions. You get the prizes based on chance or luck. As a participant, you enter sweepstakes contests by submitting your contact information or filling out forms. Winners are chosen through a random selection process, such as a drawing or computer-generated selection.

The primary focus of sweepstakes contests is the chance to win prizes, and they serve promotional purposes for brands or businesses while gathering customer information for future marketing efforts. Unlike social games, sweepstakes contests typically have limited or no direct interaction among participants.

Currencies Accepted at Wow Vegas

Wow Coins and Sweeps Coins are two distinct virtual currencies used in the casino. However, they are different. Wow Coins are the primary in-game currency used on the social casino platform. You acquire them for free through various methods, such as daily login bonuses, gameplay achievements, or promotions. These have no monetary value outside of the social casino.

Therefore, you cannot redeem them or exchange them for real-world currency. You can use Wow Coins to play games, participate in tournaments, and enjoy the entertainment offered by the social casino. If you run out of Wow Coins, you may have the option to purchase additional Wow Coins using real money.

Sweeps Coins, on the other hand, are a specific type of virtual currency used in certain social casinos that offer sweepstakes contests. Unlike Wow Coins, Sweeps Coins have redeemable value and can be converted into real-world currency. They serve as the equivalent of real money within the social casino platform.

You acquire sweepstakes coins through various methods, such as winning them in sweepstakes contests or receiving them as a bonus or promotion. Sweeps Coins can be used to play games and participate in sweepstakes contests where players have the chance to win real-world prizes. If you accumulate Sweeps Coins and meet the specific requirements outlined by the social casino, you may be able to convert them into real money or other valuable rewards.


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What Prizes Do You Get At Wow Vegas?

Wow Vegas offers games in virtual coins. These coins serve as the currency within the social casino platform and can be used for various purposes, depending on the type of coin.

For fun or social players, prizes are typically paid out in Wow Coins. These coins are used exclusively within the social casino for entertainment and gameplay. They do not have any redeemable value outside of the platform. You can enjoy the thrill of winning and accumulating Wow Coins, which can be used to continue playing games, participate in tournaments, or unlock additional features within the social casino.

On the other hand, winners of sweepstakes contests within the social casino may receive prizes in the form of Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins have a redeemable value and can be converted into real-world currency or other alternative prizes in certain circumstances, as outlined in the operator’s terms and conditions. The conversion of Sweeps Coins to alternative prizes may be subject to specific requirements and guidelines set by the casino.

Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the social casino platform regarding the use, conversion, and redemption of both Wow Coins and Sweeps Coins. These terms and conditions outline the specific rules and procedures governing the conversion of Sweeps Coins into alternative prizes and any restrictions or limitations that may apply.

How to Redeem Prizes at Wow Vegas

Here is a general overview of the potential options and processes involved in converting Sweeps Coin prizes:


  • Review the Terms and Conditions: Familiarize yourself with the social casino platform’s terms and conditions regarding the conversion of Sweeps Coins. Look for information specifically related to alternative prize options, such as gift cards or cash.


  • Eligibility Criteria: Pay attention to any eligibility criteria or requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible for the conversion of Sweeps Coins to alternative prizes.


  • Follow the Process: Use the eligibility criteria to meet all the terms of the conversion and follow the outlined process. It may be different for each prize available.


  • Redemption and Delivery: Once the conversion process is completed, the social casino platform will initiate the redemption of the Sweeps Coins into the chosen alternative prize. For a gift card, you may receive the card details electronically or through physical mail. Cash is sent via Skrill.

Game Varieties at Wow Vegas

Wow Vegas offers a diverse collection of slot titles, including popular games such as Buffalo King Megaways, FaFa Twins, Sugar Rush, Wild West Gold, Crystal Caverns Megaways, and 5 Lion Megaways. These slots are developed by renowned software providers, Pragmatic Play and Betsoft. Within the Wow Vegas game lobby, you can explore different categories, with classic slots being separate from other niche-themed titles.

The casino has an extensive selection of over 300 titles, with new games continuously added. You will have as many options for your gaming style as you need to have fun.

Is There an App at Wow Vegas?

Wow Vegas does not have an app. However, the platform is mobile-adaptive and accessible to both Android and iOS users. This mobile adaptation ensures that players can enjoy seamless gameplay on a highly responsive interface, even without a specific mobile app.

Customer Support at Wow Vegas

Wow Casino has several support channels available. If you have any questions or need help, check the FAQ section, as it has answers to frequently asked questions.

However, if you don’t get an answer, reach out to the dedicated 24/7 customer service team. You do it by filling out the contact form to create a support ticket. If you have documents, consider sending an email to They will be happy to assist you and provide the necessary guidance.


Website Design

Wow Casino features an appealing website design that focuses on user-friendly elements to enhance the overall gaming experience. The blue color scheme is carefully chosen to create an engaging and visually pleasing environment.

The website is also usable, and you can easily navigate and access various features. The layout is thoughtfully organized, allowing you to find your way around the site effortlessly. It has also implemented a robust game search function to assist players in finding their preferred games efficiently. This feature enables you to search for games based on different criteria, such as game title, category, or software provider.

How to Delete Your Wow Vegas Account

When you want to permanently delete your Wow Vegas account, sign in to your account and navigate to the ’24/7 Customer Help’ tab. Then, request assistance with deleting your account. Follow their instructions to complete the account deletion process. Once confirmed, you will receive a notification or confirmation email stating that your Wow Vegas account has been permanently deleted.


So, is Wow Vegas legit? Wow Vegas is a fun social platform where you can play various slots for free and is perfectly legit. The casino has a great website that is easy to navigate. It is also available on mobile devices. It also works with various cards and e-wallets for easy transactions.

Besides, apart from Wow Vegas joining offer, there are regular bonuses to new and existing players, enabling them to play without spending a coin. It also has regular social contests and discounted offers. You can reach out to customer service at any time of the day and get help when you need it.


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Wow Vegas Review FAQ

  1. Can I play at Wow Vegas Casino for real money?


No, Wow Vegas is a social casino where players use virtual currencies (Wow Coins and Sweeps Coins) for gameplay instead of real money.


  1. How can I acquire more Wow Coins?


The Wow Vegas welcome bonus offer is a great way to take advantage of additional bonuses but the operator also provides a daily login bonus in the form of sweepstakes coins, and if you run out of coins, you can purchase additional coin packages through the available casino payment methods.


  1. Are my personal and financial details secure at Wow Vegas Casino?


Yes, Wow Vegas employs strict security measures to protect your personal and financial information, utilizing encryption technology and adhering to stringent privacy policies to ensure a safe and secure gaming environment.


Do Not Sell My Personal Information