Yasmeen Salhani

Yasmeen Salhani: I was a fighter before Muay Thai

Yasmeen Salhani has experienced the elite of highs in her illustrious amateur Muay Thai career. From countless battles, to vying for her 9th amateur belt in the coming days, “The Yasmeenian Devil” Salhani has been a fighter for quite some time.

Having countless wins as an amateur, Salhani says shes been a fighter long before Muay Thai. Growing up always watching her back and her hands up, always ready…It’s no wonder, the Yasmeenian Devil is a force to be wrecken with when she steps through the ropes.

With her amateur days winding down, don’t be surprised to see the Lebanese sensation make her way to the pro ranks in late 2018.

Tune in below as Yasmeen Salhani goes head to head with MyMMANews’ own, Adam Crist in this exclusive just days before her 9th amateur Muay Thai title bout!


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