2021 Blue Diamond Stakes Race

2021 Blue Diamond Stakes Race | Nominations, Fields & Forms

It is just the beginning of the year and it’s all excitement about what the sporting industry has in store for us. The blue diamond stake race is about to begin and it’s getting everyone set on toes. The blue diamond stake race is an interesting horse race for two-year-old horses. In its entirety, it has a 1.5 million award for the winner.

The race is held during the Melbourne autumn racing carnival held at the Caulfield Racecourse nearing the end of February. The blue diamond stakes race is among the races set with standards. Yes for curiosity purposes, there is a blue diamond order of entry to experience the best the race brings.

What are the facts about the 2021 Blue diamond stake race?

If you are new to this event and need to get an interest before deciding to get a ticket to join the event, then here are some of the main things you should know about it.

Blue diamond stakes nominations

To first join the competition, it does need you to meet some set of requirements to qualify for the competitions. For the 2021 race, 1614 new horses passed the selections to take part in the race. Victorian trainers take the lead in bringing most of the horses. To top it all up Ciaron Maher and David Eustace have a 108 entry. On the other hand, Lindsay Park comes next with 80 entries.

The above-mentioned horses are young and new to the game of racing. However, over the years, there are two of the Australian most expensive sires. They have brought about most of the progeny taking parts in the races. They include Snitzel and I am Invincible who have 93 and 79 respectively.

Blue Diamond order of entry

The best part about enjoying a sporting event is to get to bet on the winner. Most of the horses have a prize on them where you have the opportunity to put a bet on them entirely having the possibility of getting a share on the 1.5 million prize award.

Fields and Forms

in order to reach a decision on the field of choice, it is earlier determined by three different earlier declarations. These declarations take place in November of the previous year. Set to start on the 20th of February 2021, the field has a requirement to reach in order for the race to take place. Keep in mind that the field has a 1200 meter race distance. In which all the horses participating must reach the maximum set weight.

How live stream the race

If you are thinking of getting a bet on the race then start doing it now and sign up for some of the book markers in order to get the experience to stream free for the race. What are you waiting for, take a chance and get the game on with the live streams? At least the fun will still be on within the comfort of your home.


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