3 Benefits to Training Like an MMA Fighter at Home

3 Benefits to Training Like an MMA Fighter at Home

To train like an MMA fighter, all you need is a room with a good gym mat for a floor, the right equipment, and a plan. Martial arts mats are affordable and so is good equipment if you shop around for used deals. Getting your workout plan will be the hardest part, although, if you’re in a position to hire a trainer you’ll be in good hands.


To fully train like a fighter, you’ll need to hire a coach or trainer to help you train in specific ways to reach your goals. If you’re only casually interested in training like a fighter, you’ll probably love the TapouT XT program created by Mike Karpenko. It’s a 90-day “extreme” home workout that incorporates MMA moves into the workouts.


Karpenko says, “if you want to look like a fighter, you have to train like a fighter,” and he’s right. Do you want to look like a fighter? Do you want to have the endurance and power of a fighter?


Training like a fighter will give you more than looks. Here’s why you’ll love training like an MMA fighter to reach your fitness goals.


  1. Endurance


There are many ways to develop endurance, but training like a fighter is more fun. However, it’s not a good way to bulk up. Bulking up and having a fighter’s endurance are contraindicated. You may have noticed that the best MMA fighters are skinny, and while many are cut, they’re not bulky. In MMA, it’s not size that matters – it’s endurance and power. Some of the best fighters have been exceptionally short, ranging from 5’3” – 5’6”.


In order to be a good fighter, you need to be fast and agile. MMA is like a marathon and to win fights, you need muscle endurance more than muscular strength. In fact, being muscular works against MMA fighters.


By training like a UFC fighter, you’re going to develop endurance. Endurance will help you in your everyday life. For example, you won’t get tired as quickly and you’ll be able to perform physical labor for longer periods of time.


  1. Core strength


The importance of core strength is often underestimated because it’s misunderstood as simply abdominal strength. In reality, core strength includes both the abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles. You really can’t have a strong core without developing a strong lower back.


Many moves in MMA rely on a strong core. For example, strong kicks require a strong and stable core. While you might not have any interest in kicking a punching bag or actually fighting, when you train like a fighter, you’ll develop a strong core.


According to Harvard Health, core strength provides the following benefits:


  • Everyday life is easier. Whether you’re lugging around 5-gallon jugs of water, carrying heavy boxes, or just doing chores around the house, core strength will make your life easier.
  • A strong lower back. Having a strong lower back is one key to preventing back pain.
  • Better balance and stability. When your core is strong, it’s harder to get knocked off balance. If you’ve ever seen someone slacklining, you know they’re got a strong core.
  • Sports are easier. Hands down, when your core is strong, sports are easier.


  1. MMA training is fun


If you’ve never gotten into mixed martial arts, you’re in for a treat. Although it can be challenging at first, especially opening up your hips for a powerful kick, it’s fun. MMA is more fun than just pounding punching bags. You’ll get to do box jumps, throw punches, and learn how to do a roundhouse kick.


Some of the best MMA fighters are featured in MMA-style training programs. While TapouT XT is the most popular, there are other programs like Ultimate MMA and Rushfit.


Some MMA home workouts use kettlebells and muay thai moves that will keep you sweating and working hard to perfect your form.


Train like a fighter to get healthy and fit


While training like a fighter won’t automatically make you a fighter, it will get you in shape. If you’re tired of doing normal workouts with boring exercises, don’t lose hope. All you need is a solid MMA fighter workout combined with a good diet and plenty of rest.

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