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4 Optional Benefits to Enhance Your Family Medical Insurance Plan

When it comes to securing your family, healthcare needs top the list. In the search for the right health insurance, you end up buying separate health plans for all members– making it difficult for you to manage your funds and policies. This is where optional benefits jump to the rescue. To meet the diverse medical demands of your family members, you can add different optional benefits to your family medical insurance.

Read on to know more about how optional benefits can complement your family’s health insurance plans while maintaining affordability.


What are Optional Benefits?

Under a health insurance policy, optional benefits are a set of coverage options that you may or may not add to your policy’s standard coverage. They help policyholders to customise and enhance the policy to match their personal medical needs and avail extra healthcare services. For instance, you can choose a global coverage optional benefit if you are frequently fly to different countries and might seek medical treatment outside India.

Optional benefits differ from insurer to insurer and from one health plan to another. You must note that you can avail of one or all the optional benefits available with your health plan by paying a slightly higher premium. The more optional benefits you add to your health cover, the higher premium you pay.


4 Optional Covers to Make Your Family Insurance More Valuable

Here are the four useful optional benefits that you should consider adding to your family cover:

  • OPD Coverage

The outpatient department (OPD) of any hospital witnesses the highest number of incoming patients. OPD is the primary point of contact between the patients and a hospital’s medical professionals. It is the OPD department that assists the patient before referring them to the associated hospital unit. Also, the OPD offers other medical services like illness diagnosis, medical tests, minor procedures, and surgeries.

Yet, many health insurers may not offer coverage for OPD expenses as this can invite in claiming frequently and for petty medical needs. Yet, the total OPD expenses, especially with a young family, can amount to hefty bills annually. That’s why it is advisable to add OPD coverage as an optional benefit to your policy (if it is not in-built in your current policy). This will support your family in bearing the doctor’s consultation fee, diagnostic charges, pharmacy bills, and other vaccination expenses.


  • Reduction in Waiting Period for Pre-existing Diseases (PED)

One of the most significant optional benefits– the PED waiting period reduction – is preferred by most policyholders. Given the rising number of lifestyle diseases among people of all ages, it is most likely that people are carrying some or the other ailments while entering their 40s.


However, as useful as health insurance may sound, it would not enable you to claim for PED treatment unless you complete a specified waiting period of usually 4 years. Thus, you can opt for an add-on benefit that will help you reduce the waiting period for claiming pre-existing disease treatment expenses. This is especially beneficial for elderly family members above the age of 40 years.


  • Global Coverage

For people who are mostly travelling between countries, it is essential to secure the journey with adequate health insurance funds. However, most health insurers limit their coverage to treatment in their home country. The good news is that you can add an optional benefit of global coverage to your individual or family health insurance. This will support you with financial and healthcare aid if you face any medical emergencies overseas while protecting your funds and savings.


  • Unlimited Automatic Recharge

As a family, your healthcare expenses are only set to rise, given the sedentary lifestyle and soaring medical inflation. A standard 5-lakh family health insurance plan is most likely to exhaust within a single major health emergency. Resultant, you would end up draining your savings toward other medical needs in a policy year. That’s why you need a policy that automatically recharges your sum insured coverage every time you exhaust it during a policy year.


Securing Your Family with Customised Family Medical Covers

Every family member has a different set of medical needs, but the cost of a family medical insurance plan may not always allow for coverage for everyone. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to cover all kinds of healthcare expenses for your family, you should visit Care Health Insurance. One of the leading family health insurance providers, Care Insurance, helps you customise the family floater covers according to your budget, needs, and health status. What’s best is their hassle-free claim process and higher claim settlement ratio. So, get the perfect coverage for your family with Care Insurance’s family health policies.

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