Steve Barnett - Photo by Shannon Newton Photography

Steve Barnett - Photo by Shannon Newton Photography

50-year old Steve Barnett, oldest pro MMA fighter, wins in California

What’s the old saying?  Age ain’t nothing but a number?

Steve Barnett, 50, is the oldest professional mixed martial arts fighter in the country, and he keeps getting better. (See editor’s note below).

His most recent win came this past Saturday at the California Fighting Championship Fury IV event at Chicken Ranch Casino in Jamestown, CA.

Barnett was scheduled to fight in the 165- to 170-pound welterweight class but his original opponent came in too light at 158 pounds, in the super lightweight class, and because of medical reasons could not compete.

He ended up taking on Jeremy Bonderer in a much higher weight division at 205-pounds, and finished his opponent in just two minutes and 38 seconds with strikes.  With the win Barnett improves to 2-2.

“I was really nervous going into this fight because my opponent was around 40 pounds heavier,” Barnett told “My training and discipline took over during the course of the fight and overcame adversity of the situation and won with a dominating fight performance. I had an awesome experience and I would do it again. I am one of the promoters for SF Combat I have a lot to live up to,” he said.

Congratulation Steve Barnett on a job well done.

Editor’s Note:  Steve Barnett is not the oldest MMA ever.  He is the oldest active in the United States meaning competing in the U.S., not outside.

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