8 Best MMA Workouts to Do at Home

8 Best MMA Workouts to Do at Home

Mixed martial arts is the epitome of hand-to-hand combat. The people who train and compete in this sport are all around warriors.

It takes a lot of than knowing how to throw hands to become a great fighter, inside and out of the ring. The best MMA fighters are formidable athletes in a variety of sports.

Do you train MMA or thinking about getting started? Going the distance in your bouts takes serious preparation. Keep reading to learn about the MMA workouts you can do at home.


Many fights are won and lost before the bell even rings. What the combatants do in the weeks, months, and years before a fight is what usually determines the outcome.

There are no excuses in MMA. Some people are out here complaining that they can’t train because the gyms are closed.

Many of the best MMA fighters in the world come out the poorest areas in Brazil. Do you think they stopped practicing because of a lack of workout equipment at home? Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva said the supplement of choice in his native Paraiba, Brazil was molasses.

8 Home MMA Workouts

Here are 8 workouts and other pieces of advice for aspiring fighters.

1. Review Your Technique

Of course, MMA is not a single technique. Fighters are free to incorporate any of the world’s martial arts into their style.

At the core of the different fighting styles, be it boxing, kung fu, or Brazilian Jujutsu, is a philosophy of self-preservation. This begins with awareness of your surroundings. Then comes posture and finally, defensive and offensive technique.

You’re never too masterful to practice the basics. Even the pros often have fundamental errors in their technique that can end up costing them.

2. Warm-Up

As with any strenuous exercise, it’s a good idea to get in a proper warm-up each and every time.

For one, warming up gradually loosens up the muscles and joints and increases circulation to the extremities. This prevents the risk of injury during sudden, forceful contraction and other possibly traumatic events.

Warm-ups aren’t supposed to kill you. Starting with a jump rope or a short jog is a good idea. Then, you can loosen up further with some light jabs/striking sets.

3. Cardiorespiratory Endurance

MMA enthusiast knows that a lot of fights are decided because one of the combatants got tired. Sure, strength and know-how are critical, but it often comes down to endurance.

If you have ever fought, whether in a spar or the real thing, you know it doesn’t take much before you’re huffing and puffing. Once you’re tired, the technique you’ve been honing for years gets thrown out the window.


Kickboxing is a perfect way to get in a sweat and work out your striking techniques at the same time. You can find kickboxing videos of all difficulties on YouTube, making it one of the most accessible options for cardio.

Integrate some burpees and planks, and you might not be able to walk when you’re done.

Cycling vs Running

Going for a run or a ride is the simplest and most time-honored method of increasing your cardiorespiratory endurance. Either way will help you later in a fight.

Greek soldier, Pheidippides, began the tradition of Marathons when he ran about 26 miles to Athens to announce the victory over the Persian army.

As badass as that is, many people prefer cycling more than running. This is because of the stress on the knees and feet experienced by long-distance runners.

4. Core Strength Workout

If cardio provides the wind to your sails, then core strength is the foundation of your house.

Any movement or martial technique you do requires use of your core. Developing your core will also protect your viscera from repeated blows.

As difficult and painful as it can be, strengthening your core is essential. Exercising your abs can be done in a number of ways.

Solid As a Rock

Some fighters have simply terrifying physiques. You know what I’m talking about; the type of guy who could probably break your wrist with his abs.

In an MMA bout or a boxing match, you are definitely going to take hits to the body.

Planks, hand walkouts, hip thrusts, and good-old-fashioned situps should all be part of your routine. Switch it up to make sure you cover all of the musculatures.

5. Punching Power

Finally, we’re getting to the fun stuff. But have you noticed how much you can do without even lifting a weight?

So, how do you increase your punching strength? Well, for one, perfecting your technique and increasing core power well certainly helps. But there are few more things you can do to develop those one-hit KO haymakers.

Using a medicine ball, lie on your back and throw it straight up in the air and catch it. If you have a bench press, put your hands closer together to better activate the punching muscle. Alternatively, try your hand at some plyometric pushups.

6. Kicking Strength

Kicking is key in MMA. You can use to hurt your opponent’s legs, keep them at by, or deliver a spectacular knockout.

However, kicking can just as easily go horribly wrong if you haven’t practiced your technique. Heavy bag work isn’t just for punching.

7. Forceful Take-Downs and Grapples

Depending on your fighting style, you might more or less depend on submissions. This is typical of judo and jiujutsu.

Straight leg deadlifts are superior to leg curls for getting your opponent to the ground. They work the muscles that help better manipulate their body weight and take control.

8. Recover

Working out is key, but you also have to consider what you do between sessions. Diet is crucial to any workout plan.

Also, give yourself time to recover. CBD has fewer side effects than other OTC drugs and is effective for dealing with soreness and pain.

Buying broad-spectrum CBD distillate wholesale is a good way to be stocked up at home.

The Way of The Warrior

A true leader doesn’t train so they can go out and bash some heads. They train to be ready to keep the peace and protect the innocent in times of need.

This means training hard, even in good times. Doing MMA workouts like the top fighters will have you ready to go. Not to mention, you’ll get in the shape of your life.

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