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AJ Robb: “I’m training my ass off with dogs, with animals, with savages to become a savage”

A former Colorado Amateur MMA Fighter of the year, AJ Robb, will get to headline a card for the first time in his hometown as the headliner of No Mercy 67.

Robb was originally scheduled to face Derek Perez, but that has been changed to Benji Gomez.

Robb says, “He’s a guy from California, 8-12. It should be fun. A boxer, brawler. His nickname is ‘The Brawler,’ so it should be fun. I love to Brawl too.”

Has this opponent change altered your preparations?
“My camp’s been the same. Prepared for whatever comes my way. I knew Derek wasn’t going to be easy. He has more wins than me. Benji’s not going to be easy, he has more wins than me. But I think I’m on a whole different level compared to both these guys. Those guys are just stepping stones to the next step in my career. I’m prepared for however the fight goes. If it goes three rounds, I’ll grind it out for three rounds. If I can get a knockout or a submission, I’m going for the finish the whole time. If it goes the whole three rounds, I’m prepared for it too. I’m prepared this is one of the best camps I’ve ever had. Spent the last 6-weeks out here in Albuquerque, (New Mexico) grinding and grinding. I’m excited and I’m prepared.”

We’ve seen in previous camps that you split half the time between Jackson Wink MMA and going back home to the 719 Fight Team, but for this camp it appears you’ve stayed here in Albuquerque. Can you tell me about the decision?
“I think just last year, moving down here, I really didn’t know anybody. It takes me a little bit to trust people, to cling to people, and to feel like they’re part of my team. Just took me a while longer to get used to all the JacksonWink guys and get all my coaches out here on the same page. After being out here for a year and a half, I got everybody on the same page. Coaches believing in me. My teammates believing in me. Teammates helping me out with extra things, extra drilling. Getting to drill with Pat Mix all the time, he’s 11-0 in Bellator, Andrew Tenneson, an 8-1 pro. Just a bunch of guys that are in the top level of the sport that I get to help me all the time. Compared to last year when I wasn’t really as close with them as I am now. So, I think that’s what lead to me staying out here the whole time. The whole mentality of training with Jon Dodson and Diego Brandao. Training with all those guys puts my confidence, when I fight a guy like Benji Gomez, no disrespect, or Derek Perez. You’re not training with the same people I’m training with. I’m training my ass off with dogs, with animals, with savages to become a savage. That’s why I stayed out here the whole time. When I fought Hunter Azure, I went back three weeks earlier and I wasn’t training with nobody. It was me and my coach, maybe a couple sideline guys. But no beasts, no Jon Dodson’s, no “Patchy” Mix’s, none of that. So, my mindset was I was the star in Colorado Springs. I felt like I didn’t have to work as hard, I guess. I’m out here. I have to work hard. I got to get my picture on that wall. I got to get my picture up there. I got to work my ass off out here. So, that why I stay out here for the whole time.”

No Mercy 67 is September 14th at the Colorado Springs City Auditorium. Check out the full interview at the top of the page.

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