Alan Belcher

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Alan Belcher Expects “Era of Dramatic Finishes” With Arnold Adams Bout

Alan Belcher tests skills with Arnold Adams in a heavyweight title bid at BKFC 36 on February 24th.

Belcher once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss possible hybrid rules contests vs names like Fury or Ngannou, the personal as well as historical significance of this championship showdown, plus so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Alan Belcher

The viral slobber knocker nature of Belcher’s last KO win over Frank Tate

“Yeah, he was either holding some water in his mouth or with the jab that I hit him in the stomach with before that brought water in his mouth. Or made him throw up in his mouth or something. I’m not sure. But either way, it made for a very dramatic finish (laughs)… That’s what I’m looking for from now on, man; dramatic finishes. This Arnold Adams fight is going to be the beginning of a whole era of dramatic finishes. That’s my goal, that’s my priority that I’m focusing on. Knockout every single time from now on.”

Arnold Adams never having been finished in the BKFC ring and what Belcher sees in the champ’s combative approach that leads ‘The Talent’ to foreseeing himself becoming the first to stop him

“There’s not a fighter out there, including myself, that I can’t see a hole with. It’s just a matter of looking for the opportunity. Having your footing and your balance right at the right time. Having your eyes on the target and very focused. Very mentally in-tuned, in the right emotional state. So yeah, I see holes in all fighters out there. No matter what level. Even the best, Tyson Fury to (Oleksandr) Usyk. You know, any of these top guys… In my mind, I’m thinking of the top boxers. Of course, there’s (Francis) Ngannou too. That’s kind of top of my list too.”


“Thinking of Ngannou along with the other heavyweight greats. Those guys, now Jon Jones. I’m tired of dabbling with greatness; on the ledge of it, on the edge of it. In anything that I do in my life. So, I’ve just made a commitment to just go as far as I can. To completely commit myself and be my true self. Put a hundred percent into this. As you and most fight enthusiasts know, this sport is very mental. Very mental; I focus a lot on my mental, my mindset. I feel like spirituality is just mental on the highest level.”

Belcher continued, “That’s like super mental, super mindset is the spiritual side of it. So, I really delved in to get everything lined up. So that I can astonish myself and inspire other people. To try to do something unbelievable. Try to do something that even they think that they can’t do. Whenever I look at Arnold Adams, I look at him; I look at (one of) the top fighters in the world. I see a hole. If I can just prepare myself and be focused. Be in the right mindset, balanced, at the right time, there’s no reason why I can’t knock them out.”


The cinematic synergy of this moment with Belcher believing a lot of his big show-out performances have been in New Orleans. Plus, the historical significance of his home area with John L Sullivan starting his bare-knuckle heavyweight championship reign there almost 150 years ago.

“There really is. I mean there’s synchronicities in everything throughout life whenever you really look for them. Coincidences and it’s cool. We all have kind of our own story that comes together. It’s really neat how life works. 150 years ago, there wasn’t any really high-paid athletes. There weren’t any prize fighters.”

“In fact, prizefighting, being in boxing, being a professional paid prize fighting pugilist was the first career that you could really get into and make money being an athlete. You had to duke it out, you had to earn your place in this world with your hands. Of course, your heart and your mind are a big part of that too. John L Sullivan did that right down here, man. In my backyard; Gulfport, Mississippi.”

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