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Frank Tate on Alan Belcher title eliminator at BKFC Fight Night: Jackson 2

Frank Tate clashes with Alan Belcher in the BKFC Fight Night: Jackson 2 main event on June 11th.

Tate came on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss several subjects before this prizefight. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Frank Tate

If Frank Tate looks at this Alan Belcher fight as a BKFC title eliminator and the rankings hierarchy

“The rankings are always screwed up. Everybody on this planet don’t understand why he’s number one. Then a lot of people do understand why he’s number one and he hasn’t fought a ranked opponent. So it’s just how it goes sometimes. I just got dealt that card and I’m playing my hand.”

Frank Tate continued, “What you can’t do is be right (there) from the get-go. You don’t get a pass on wronging somebody and that don’t get a makeup. But you’re gonna do what you want to do when you want to do it. I can’t do nothing but respect that part.”

Where Belcher ranks among Tate’s BKFC quality of opposition

“Alan Belcher is in a class all by himself…He has a resume but I don’t know. He doesn’t have a resume of fighting guys like me. So it’s different when you say you’re a dog but then you fight a dog. It’s different.”

Being the betting underdog once again in this one

“Stuff like that, I love that stuff. I’ve been the underdog my whole life and it seems to me that I’m really on top. I’ve been on top but the people that are saying I’m an underdog, they’re really the underdogs.”

Thoughts on a possible fight with BKFC champion Arnold Adams who Tate has respect for

“With Arnold Adams, I think that Arnold Adams is a good guy. He’s the champ but the fact remains, it’s a job. If you have to fight Arnold Adams next after this fight, that’s how it goes, you know? But there’s still respect even after the fight. There still should be respect. That’s just me.”

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