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Alan Belcher on Big Fights, eyeing BKFC gold, and Frank Tate

Alan Belcher tests skills against Frank Tate at BKFC Fight Night: Jackson 2 on June 11th.

Belcher came on Bowks Talking Bouts to touch on a myriad of topics ahead of this one. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Alan Belcher

On wanting to “take all the belts” and what that means for Belcher

“I’m just saying what’s going to happen after I get the bare-knuckle belt… David Feldman and myself are going to try to make the case and try to get Francis Ngannou to come over. Try to get the heavyweight boxing champions of the many different boxing organizations. We’ll see who the fans would like to see from these different sports. Try to get them to come over to bare-knuckle boxing. If that doesn’t happen then there’s got to be another way to get big fights.”

Alan Belcher continued, “See how far it goes and take it from there. I would like to remain a free agent and set up my own big fights in collaboration with BKFC.”

Dissecting the sport to be offensively effective but defensively responsible with the absence of gloves

“I think some of the more amateur guys don’t put as much thought into it. Kind of like ok you need to hold your hands a little bit differently. You need to get a little bit closer. But at the same time, you’re just gonna get hit some and that’s just how it is. For me, I think that’s never an option. You should never be allowing yourself to get touched if you can keep from it. Especially at what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to fight. ”

Alan Belcher continued, “If I’m not doing bare-knuckle, I’m going to be boxing and keeping myself busy. Because I’m at the end of my career. I’ve got two, three, four years left. Who knows? But I’m not wasting any time. So I need to level up. I need to level up quickly.”

BKFC Fight Night: Jackson 2

Belcher’s mobility as well as fight IQ and thoughts on what Frank Tate brings to the table here

“Everything’s going to weigh into it too. Probably the biggest thing that doesn’t matter as much is his power. His threat to me is he has knockout power. Some guys that I would fight might not be able to hit as hard. But I can hit hard too. Which makes it very exciting for the fans. But it just presents one more obstacle for Frank Tate also. Because of all the other things that you mentioned on the more intellect side of it.”

Alan Belcher continued, “My ability to actually knock you out. Which I feel like is pretty new. Wasn’t really a knockout (artist). I felt like I could hit hard, I was an athlete, but I wasn’t scientific. I didn’t have that thing. A lot of people will believe you are born with this thing (KO power) and some people aren’t. It’s hard to develop. So I’ve developed my power. I’ve developed my knockout thing and I set my mind to this about a year ago.”

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