Alan Jouban Q&A: Grandfather's Influence, Louisiana Pride and UFC Dreams

Alan Jouban Q&A: Grandfather’s Influence, Louisiana Pride and UFC Dreams

UFC welterweight Alan Jouban is coming off a spectacular knockout finish of Ben Saunders at UFC on FOX 28 in February. “Brahma” recently caught up with Tony Reid of for a fun question and answer session.

Tony Reid – What was the most memorable moment from any training session you have been involved in?

Alan Jouban – “I can’t say that I have a most memorable training moment. But I always come home on a natural high when I’m able to turn that corner in training and improve on something I have been working on. I love that feeling.”

Tony Reid – Who has the heaviest hands of anybody you have fought or trained with?

Alan Jouban – “It was a little guy whose name I didn’t even know. But he was a pro boxer and we were doing rounds together and he was much smaller and faster than me. He connected on my nose a few too many times and my nose would hurt when the wind would blow for months after that.”

Tony Reid – You have said that prior to signing with the company that you would think about fighting in the UFC every single night. Was the UFC debut experience everything you thought it would be and more?

Alan Jouban – “Yeah and I still do think about it every day. The entire week leading up to the fight was amazing. From getting off the plane and seeing a Zuffa sign with my name on it, to having Burt Watson say those famous lines as I was about to walk out. It was everything I imagined over and over again. Will never forget it. I look forward to many more memorable nights like that.”

Tony Reid – Your grandfather was a huge influence of you and you list him as your hero. Could you share a story with us to tell our readers how special he was to you?

Alan Jouban – “My grandfather’s name was Allen Jeansonne, my parents named me after him just spelled differently. I took pride in knowing that from an early age. My grandfather had a big farm. He was a farmer and a cattleman. He had tractors, combines, cows and horses…you name it. All sorts of things for a kid to get into growing up.  As a young boy looking up to him, he always had something to teach me when I would visit. From how to shoot a gun, drive a tractor, ride a horse, catch a wild hog, throw a rope and crack a whip. I could go on and on because there was always something to do and learn when I was with him. This was how we bonded and one thing I’ve learned is that when someone teaches you things it creates an even stronger bond and trust. He would teach me things and not baby me. He would let me learn as I go but I always trusted his instincts.

“When he passed I was devastated. I spoke at his funeral not about him but to him, to let him know how much he meant to me growing up and that I looked up to him, loved him and that he was my hero. My son was born not long after he died and his middle name is Allen after my grandfather. My nickname “Brahma” is one that I actually chose to honor him because of the Brahma mix bulls he used to raise called a “Charolais”. I plan to teach my son a lot of what was taught to me one day and tell him stories of his great grandfather.”

Tony Reid – Having such strong ties to the state of Louisiana and being a big Saints fan how pumped are you when the NFL season rolls around?

Alan Jouban – “Man, you said it. I love my home. It’s who I am and always will be. Every single TV in Louisiana is watching the Saints game come football season. I don’t get to see every game out here in LA so I find myself calling family often to give me updates on things.”

Tony Reid – What was the first video game system you remember having as a child?

Alan Jouban – “When I was younger we had an Atari at home, it was actually my oldest brothers game system and it got kind of got handed down to the rest of us.”

Tony Reid – What were some of your favorite video games growing up?

Alan Jouban – “My favorite games growing up were Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! I also liked Magic Johnson’s Fast Break, the basketball game.”

Tony Reid – Did you ever get into any sports games?

Alan Jouban – “We would play John Madden Football at a friend’s house from time to time.”

Tony Reid – Do you do any online gaming and interact with fans at all?

Alan Jouban – “No never really did any online gaming. I really haven’t played any video games much at all since I was a kid really.”