Amanda Bobby Cooper

Amanda Bobby Cooper : “You can expect a broken nose for Mackenzie Dern and TKO Victory for Me!”

Below are some notable excerpts from an interview with The FightLete Report and UFC strawweight Amanda Bobby Cooper. You can listen to the full audio embedded below.

Cooper fights McKenzie Dern this Saturday, May 12 at UFC 224 in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil.  Cooper who just defeated Angela Magana by TKO last December is 2-2 in the UFC.  She trains at Scorpion Fighting Systems in Brighton, Michigan.

Sean Lennon – Talk about the win over Magana last December did that feel like a homecoming for you fighting in Detroit at the new Little Caesars arena and how you felt it was the greatest night in your life?

Amanda –  “I did feel it was the greatest night in my life, Obviously the win was important to me. My fans are important to me. I spend so much time w my team my coaches in the gym and my family are one of my biggest long time supporters that I have.  Being able to win and see the look in my friends, family, and coaches, everyone’s eyes being so proud of me and all celebrate afterwards in one room, it was amazing to me.  I was nervous to fight in Detroit I thought I haven’t fought at home for so long.  So many people are going to be there  I was really nervous at first but as the fight drew near and near I got more and more excited, pumped me up knowing I had so many people  supporting me.

“I just really feel like for that  camp I jumped forward to a big degree of levels for my training and my mental state and I think that the win in Detroit, my hometown with my friends and family to see was what I needed to keep this journey going and keep winning till I become top ranked to fight for a title.”

Sean Lennon –  You’re fighting McKenzie Dern who’s undefeated she came in with some hype surrounding her she found herself in really close fight w Ashley Yoder and in her standup did you find any holes in her game?

Amanda “Yes I’ve been watching her for a long time because she was such a big name in jui-jitsu, when she came to MMA she’s beaten people and being doing good for the small amount of time she’s been fighting.  Her standup is so predictable it’s so easy to figure out, low level amateur striking. Her wrestling and her judo is not great, she has a very good jui-jitsu game when it’s on the ground and everyone knows that. But she’s a point jui-jitsu fighter she’s looking for position. In all her other fights she’s trying to stand-up and in the Ashley Yoder fight I felt Ashley won. I think if it’s the same Mackenzie who’s taking these fights is coming out to fight me it’s not going to be a great night for her. She’s fighting too soon and she does not have time to get better, she’s fighting every two months and how are you focusing on getting better when you have to train for another fighter?  I’ve been lucky to have a little bit of a gap and still stay fresh and be able to get better.”

Sean Lennon – What can we expect May 12th UFC 224 when you fight McKenzie Dern?

Amanda – “You can expect a broken nose for Mackenzie Dern and a TKO victory by me.”


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