Amber Nichole Ortiz, Trump, swimsuit

Amber Nichole Ortiz creates Trump One-Piece Swimsuit

Former UFC octagon girl Amber Nicole Ortiz, formerly Amber Nichole Miller, has created a new swimsuit line to honor the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Amber, who is married to former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, began working for the UFC back at UFC 35. The couple are huge supporters of Trump and are hoping that the former President is elected for a second term in November.

The social media post states:

“American 🇺🇸 Legend One-Piece Swimsuit
My Etsy is full of FAITH 🙏🏼 FAMILY ❤️ FREEDOM 🇺🇸
Checkout my store

PS. It’s thick so you won’t see through when wet

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In another post, she wrote:

“Welcome to my Etsy shop, where creativity meets conservatism with a dash of humor! Dive into our collection of incredible conservative Christian and funny tees, all marked down for your delight. In today’s wild political climate, I strive to keep things light and uplifting. Thank you to all who have supported my journey; your patronage means the world to me. Don’t miss our best sellers: the iconic American legend shirt and the witty masculinity definition tee. Explore the shop today and join our incredible community of followers. Your support is truly appreciated!”

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