Jon Jones to defend light heavyweight title against Anthony Smith at UFC 235

Anthony Smith responds to Jon Jones: “What a perfect moment to flex”

Former UFC light heavyweight title challenger Anthony Smith is taking aim at Jon Jones following a recent serious situation that Smith went through. Earlier this month Smith told ESPN about an intruder that broke into his home, and gave the fighter one of his toughest challenges as he protected his home and family.

Following the invasion, Jones took to Twitter to say that he is happy that Smith is okay, but then took a dig at the fact that the home intruder was able to walk out of Smith’s home as he was arrested by police.

On Tuesday, Smith responded to the comment from Jones and didn’t hold back, saying the current champion took the perfect moment to flex. Here’s what Smith had to say during his MMA Tonight radio show on Sirius XM’s Fight Nation:

“Jon did kind-of reach out and tweeted about my whole situation and it said something like ‘Glad Anthony is OK, that guy wouldn’t walked out of my house.’ So it’s like, what a perfect moment to flex, Jon, in the middle of a disaster in my home, what a perfect opportunity to flex how God damn cool you are. Just when you thought that’s pretty admirable of Jon Jones to reach out and well wish me and then as you continue to read, you’re like ‘Oh that’s right, I forgot you’re still a f***ing douchebag.’ It’s just his opportunity to insert himself and make sure everyone knows how cool and badass he is. For a second I thought I was going to have to respond and say ‘Hey, thanks man. Appreciate it.’ Just for a second I thought you were human and you had a soul and then I realize you’re still the same piece of s*** that you’ve always been. Whatever.”

Anthony Smith would continue on talking about Jones’ flexing about the situation and said that when the intruder broke into his home, he was in the worst-case scenario given the circumstances.

“He’s just flexing, like you’re such a douchebag man. What are you doing? First of all, I had worst-case scenario. So, we get it Jon. We know, you’re all over Twitter and Instagram with all your guns and your cool dog, but I got caught, I got caught slipping, worst-case scenario. Guns weren’t close, not typical, door was open, not typical. I don’t get what he’s getting at. I’ve been that guy that said if that guy came to my house, I would beat the s**t out of him, I would’ve shot him, it’s real easy to say that, until you’re caught in it and you’ve been awake for eight seconds and you’re in the middle of a God damn pandemonium throw-down in the middle of your living room with no pants on. Nobody’s ready for that s**t, so it’s real easy to flex on Twitter.”

Back at UFC 235 in March of 2019, Jones defeated Anthony Smith by unanimous decision to retain his light heavyweight title and has gone on since to defend it against Thiago Santos at UFC 238 and most recently against Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 this past February. As for the intruder, he was charged with first-degree criminal trespassing and was discovered to have been a standout high school wrestler in Nebraska.

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