Anthony Dizy eager to show capabilities at Hexagone MMA 9

Anthony Dizy is eager to showcase his capabilities at Hexagone MMA 9 on June 17th.

Anthony Dizy (14-4) is set to take on Roger Garcia (8-4) in the co-main event of Hexagone MMA 9 in Reims, France, on June 17th at ‘Reims Arena’.

“LA MASSE” will be fighting in front of his home crowd for the first time in his career. Training out of Europe Top Team Reims, Anthony is eager to show the home fans what he is ‘capable’ of.

Lenny from MyMMANews was lucky enough to grab a few words from the Frenchman before his fight on home soil.

Lenny: First of all, I want to ask you about your next fight at Hexagone MMA 9 on June 17th. A fantastic opportunity to make headlines in front of your fans, what does this opportunity mean to you?

Anthony: It will be my first fight in France. Obviously my first in Reims in front of my audience. Until now the fans of Reims could only see me through videos and this time, I will be able to fight in front of my public and show them what I am capable of.

L: Speaking of the fight itself, you face 8-4 Roger Garcia in the co-main event. Roger is a well-rounded fighter who likes to pressure and look for the finish. How do you expect to adapt your style to counter Roger’s style?

A: Roger Garcia is quite complete; indeed, I don’t think I have to adapt my style. I will continue to do what I have always done, and success will be there.

L: Your style is very well rounded too, we know how well you mix your styles, especially wrestling. Do you see that making the difference in this fight?

A: I think I am complete and can afford to fight in all dimensions. My wrestling has always been my forte. All the opponents know it, but despite everything, they can’t counter my style. When something works, you have to keep doing it.

L: You fought all over the world for different promotions. PFL, Bellator, and Bamma, to name a few, With this advantage on a big stage, do you expect to feel more comfortable than Roger?

A: I fought around the world PFL, Bellator, m1 global, Bamma, cage warrior… in Switzerland, England, Finland, Russia, Kazakhstan, USA. I have 18 professional fights for 14 wins. I’ve fought tough opponents and I’m used to tough fights. My experience and my determination will be very important points that will make the difference when the fight is tough.

L: This will be your first fight back at lightweight since the start of your MMA career; you have spent the majority of your career at featherweight. Will this also play a role because you won’t have to worry about losing weight?

A: I started my career at lightweight and then fought at featherweight. I choose to come back to the lightweight category because it is difficult for me to go down to 66kg.

L: Your last fight came in the PFL, and after that, you weren’t certain you were going to fight again. Why have you decided to return?

A: I wanted to stop my career because I work and I have a family, it takes a lot of time, and I was tired of it all. But today the opportunity to fight in front of my audience made me come back because I want to live this experience.

L: At this stage of your career, what is the objective/goal?

A: I don’t really have a long-term goal anymore; I fight because that’s what I’ve always done since I was a child. It’s my life, my habits, my balance.

L: How do you approach the mental aspect of the sport? Do you have specific strategies or rituals to help you stay focused and calm before a fight?

A: Before a fight I focus on my strong points, on what I can do, on what I will do…And I know that if the fight goes the way I want it to go then I will be victorious. You have to think of the best so as not to doubt! But I always remain vigilant so as not to be surprised.

L: Finally, what can fans expect from Anthony on June 17?

A: I’m not a finisher but I think Roger Garcia is going to be surprised at the impact of my punches, the power of my wrestling and my ground. He will have to put a lot of energy at the start of the fight to resist and get tired. Then I would have room to finish the fight.

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