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Arnold Adams on the road back to BKFC gold

The BKFC O.G, Arnold Adams is back!

Following a first-round stoppage over Bobo O’Bannon at BKFC 16, Arnold “Bomaye” Adams is ready to get back on track to reclaim what was initially his. The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship heavyweight crown.

4-1 in the BKFC, Adams returns to the squared-circle this weekend, July 23rd to take on undefeated English BKB sensation, Michael Terrill. While few heavyweights will jump at the opportunity to take on the former BKFC king, Terrill did just that when Adams reached out on social media to ask who a worthy adversary would be.

When Terrill responded, Adams was appreciative of the opponent. However, he wasn’t overly concerned about his upcoming task, either. With the rule-set being drastically different in the states from Europe, Adams scoffs, “They give you half a minute to recover over there?” Rhetorically asking. “That’s absurd!” Adams continues to explain the differences he can and plans to exploit, but in his eyes “the minuscule things won’t matter.”

When it’s all said and done, “I’d say, round 2,” Adams casually predicts when he thinks he’ll stop Terrill. “Possibly round 3,” he continues.

On his climb back to the top, Adams didn’t mince any words about the current BKFC champ, Joey “The Mexecutioner” Beltran, a man Adams holds a win over.

“Joey Beltran’s been doing his thing. I told him to hold onto those belts until I come back around, and I can’t lie. He’s been doing it. But he knows as well as me and the rest of the world what’s going to happen the day we step into that ring.”

Tune in above as Arnold “Bomaye” Adams joins MyMMANews to discuss his road back to the BKFC heavyweight gold as he takes on Michael Terrill at BKFC 19. He discusses how he intends to play off of what Terrill gives him. Adams discusses his hesitancy to partake on a card with social media influencers. He also talks about the current BKFC champ, Joey Beltran watching his words when he calls out Arnold Adams.

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