Art of War Cage Fighting 17 Results - Hafez vs Amisial

Art of War Cage Fighting 17 Results – Hafez vs Amisial

Art of War Cage fighting returns to the historic 2300 Arena for day 2 of All Star Weekend 2 with a bang! For the second consecutive year, AOW has loaded back to back fight nights for a whirlwind of combat sports. The fans love it.  Check out the results from last night’s first of two days. Loads of fights shine under the bright lights. It’s become a staple for the ever growing Pennsylvania based promotion and everyone inside the arena reaps the benefits! All star day 2 brings the heat with 2 pro main fights capping off the evening after 4 amateur title fights for an evening not soon to be forgotten.

In the main event of All Star Weekend day 2 Bassil Hafez returns to the cage with home field advantage. The city of brotherly love will proudly be backing the Philly native as he takes on the West Palm Beach native, Smith Amisial in a 180lb bout.

In the co-Main event of the evening, Rich Patishnock makes his return to the cage after a year hiatus to take on Matt Semelsberger who is riding high with momentum off of his recent TKO victory.

Hometown favorite Johnny “Garb” Garbarino will bring a packed house to philly as he vies for the 180 lb belt against Justin Harrell. Harrell will be making his way up north, traveling from North Carolina riding high with 3 consecutive wins in his pocket to take on “Garb”

Ian Allston challenges for the the amateur heavyweight strap as he takes on hard hitting, defending champ, Pat Brady.

Javi Juzman takes on Shawn Stefanelli in a featherweight championship bout that has potential fight of the night written all over it.

Sandy Chheng returns to defend her 115lb title as she takes on undefeated, Mariah Castro who is coming off of an absolute war that earned her this title opportunity at Art of War 15 back in December.

Full Art of War Cage Fighting 17 results below!

(180 lbs) Smith Amisial vs. Bassil Hafez

Round 1: The fighters take their time to feel each other out. Hafez commits first and gets the bout to the cage quickly. The two fighters trade positions. Hafez lands a knee upstairs and the fighters separate. Hafez keeps his jab out leading into a spinning backfist that narrowly misses its target. Amisial stalks his opponent, popping out his jab with Hafez returning with a headkick attempt. Amisial is throwing single punches to Hafez’ combinations for the moment. The two get into a heated back and forth trade until Hafez lands an overhand right that pauses Amisial in his tracks. Hafez looks to continue the punishment with nasty punch combinations to the head. Amisial closes the distance and gets Hafez against the cage to steer clear of any significant damage. Utilizing his weight, Amisial is leaning on Hafez against the cage for some time. Amisial creates space, stepping out of reach as Hafez walks him down to close the opening bell stanza.

Round 2: Hafez starts the round early with a nasty combination upstairs that stops Amisial in his tracks. Amisial looks to gain traction, stalking Hafez until Hafez clips him with an overhand right that hurts Amisial and staggers him backwards. Hafez smells blood in the water and charges in with a flying knee attempt, backing Amisial up. Both fighters against the fence, Amisial reverses the action against the cage and again creates space, stepping outside. Bassil fires a spinning wheel kick that narrowly misses its mark. Hafez peppers Amisial with punches and fires another spinning wheel kick that misses its mark. Hafez is on a roll as he’s landing cleanly when he wants with one-two combinations, and seemingly hurting Amisial when he lands cleanly. Hafez throws a head kick that misses its mark and he begins peppering his jab out to keep Amisial at bay while Amisial attempts to walk his Hafez down. Hafez unleashes another brutal punch combination to the head that finds its mark in the closing seconds as Amisial tries to even the playing field by throwing his own punch combo attempt at the end of the round.

Round 3: Hafez lands an right hand over the top, early. Amisial looks to return fire but is stopped by Hafez’ continued attacks. Amisial flings 2 overhand rights wildly that miss their mark. Both fighters exchange leg kicks and Hafez is now stalking his foe, center cage, popping his jabs out with his right hands not far behind. Hafez throws a spinning backfist that is blocked but the brunt force is felt as Amisial takes a step back. Hafez continues to look to pressure his opponent, landing clean combinations upstairs, scoring points at will. Amisial looks to stay in the contest by peppering his jab into his own onslaught but is met by Hafez counter strikes at every attempt. Hafez throws a spinning wheel kick that misses its mark and looks for the takedown shortly after. With 10 seconds left, Hafez connects with a knee while Amisial circles outside, and Hafez follows his opponent, looking to potentially close the show at the final second.

Winner: Bassil Hafez via Unanimous Decision

(170 lbs) Rich Patishnock vs. Matt Semelsberger

Round 1: Patishnock gets control of the contest early, pressing Semelsberger against the cage, following with footstomps. Patishnock has all of his weight on Semelsberger as he peppers short punches upstairs. Semelsberger reverses the action and looks to gain his own leverage. Semelsberger lands several punches upstairs, secures the thai clinch and launches into a flying knee that lands flush, hurting Patishnock. Semelsberger begins the closing sequence with another knee in the clinch that looked to put Patishnock out on his feet. The referee was eagerly awaiting to stop the contest, and one more straight right landing cleanly, followed by a short elbow folded Patishnock to his knees.

Winner: Matt Semelsberger via Knockout at 2:14 into round 1

TITLE BOUT: (180 lbs ) Justin Harrell vs. Johnny Garb

Round 1: Harrell presses forward with heavy punches and presses Garb against the cage. Harrell locks up a guillotine early, but Garb works his way out. Garb fires a teep kick and the fight gets in close quarters again with Harrell pressing Garb against the fence and looking to secure the back. The fighters separate again and Garb lands several heavy kicks to punch combinations. Harrell looks to get the bout to the canvas again with a single leg takedown attempt. Harrell lets go and focuses his attention upstairs, looking score heavy punches upstairs. Garb pushes the gas pedal and unleashes a barrage of punches that has Harrell on wobbly legs to close the opening round.

Round 2: Garb fires a leg kick and Harrell is quick to secure the neck, looking for the guillotine. Garb finds his way back to his feet and begins unleashing punches in bunches to Harrell until Garb accidentally lands low. A brief pause in the action and we’re back underway. Garb pops his jab out a few times and Harrell returns fire with a straight hand. A brief head hunting exchange ensues and both fighters are trading heavy shots. Both fighters trade positions back and forth on the cage, attempting to capitalize on their positioning when in control by firing bombs.

Round 3: Garb opens the round with a spinning back fist that narrowly misses. Garb follows up with a punch combination upstairs as Harrell returning fire. Garb presses the fight against the cage briefly. Within the flash of an eye, Garb creates space and begins teeing off on Harrell. Garb follows Harrell from post to post piecing together brutal punches upstairs that has Harrell backpedaling for dear life. Two left hooks back to back find their mark cleanly and looked to have Harrell out on his feet. Garb has control of Harrell against the cage but the referee follows in to stop the bout.

Winner: Johnny Garb via TKO at 1:27 into round 3

TITLE BOUT: (Heavyweight) Ian Allston vs Patrick Brady

Round 1: Allston lands a heavy leg kick early, but Brady pushes his opponent to the cage and starts hammering knees to his opponents mid section time and time again. The two fighters circle back and forth against the cage for some time looking for positioning. Brady throws short knees to the thighs to soften Allston up. The fighters separate briefly and throw heavy leather in a brief exchange. Brady presses the fight back to the cage where he softens up Allston with body punches. Allston reverses Brady and looks for a single leg but to no avail as Brady fends it off and the opening bell sounds.

Round 2: The two share a brief few words and go to war, center cage. Both fighters are throwing caution to the wind, giving the fans what they want and engaging in a back and forth slugfest with both fighters focused on head hunting. A brief pause in action as Brady’s mouth piece hit the floor and the fight continues where it left off against the cage. Brady has Allston pressed against the cage peppering shots to the body until he creates distance and blasts several unanswered punches upstairs. Allston lands his own clean punches upstairs and makes Brady’s mouthpiece fly across the cage. Another brief pause in action and the fighters get back to work. Brady is able to press Allston against the cage whenever he wants to, leaving Allston to fight his way off the cage.

RoUnd 3: Allston starts the round with two low kicks and starts to piece together straight punch combinations. Brady closes the distance again and presses Allston against the cage again. Allston fires a knee upstairs and circles off the cage where he takes to the center of the cage again and strings his straight punches together and makes Brady’s mouthpiece go flying again. The action is paused again as the crowd starts to boo, less than impressed with Brady’s mouthpiece continuing to come out. Brady gets back to work landing another set of punch combinations that look to be taking their toll on Brady as he absorbs sheer brant damage. Brady, again presses his opponent to the fence. Allston throws some more straight punches in bunches that find their mark, cleanly. Upon a straight right connecting from Allston, Brady’s mouthpiece goes flying again for the 4th time. Referee, Bill Bookwalter takes a point and the fans voice their approval. The action returns with Brady looking to push forward again, with Allston looking to put Brady away with punches in the closing seconds.

Result: Majority Draw
Patrick Brady retains heavyweight advanced ammy title.
(Judge 1; 29-27/Allston, Judge 2; 28, Judge 3; 28 28)

TITLE BOUT: (145lbs) Javi Guzman vs Shawn Stefanelli

Round 1: Guzman connects first with a hard lead leg kick. Stefanelli looks to teep but falls backward in the process. Stefanelli presses forward and takes the bout to the floor quickly with Guzman wrapping up a slick triangle choke even quicker. Stefanelli did his best to fend it off, but it was locked in too tightly and Stefanelli is forced to tap early.

Winner: Javi Guzman via Triangle Choke at 1:17 into round 1

TITLE BOUT: (115lbs) Mariah Castro vs Sandy Chheng

Round 1: Chheng utilizes her kicks early. Chheng starts piecing her punches into her kicks as she closes the distance on Castro. The two pepper shots back and forth on the cage, jocking for position. Both fighters trade dominant positions back and forth against the cage until Chheng looks for a trip attempt that lands Castro in top position. Chheng quickly scrambles to top position and Castro works her way back to the feet. Both female combatants clinch against the fence until the referee breaks them from lack of action. Castro looks to make it dirty with wild punch combinations while moving utilizing her head movement as Chheng looks to keep the fight at a distance and is trying to keep the bout technical. With 10 seconds left, Castro scoops up Chheng for a heavy takedown and the opening bell sounds.

Round 2: Chheng leads early with a leg kick and Castro closes the distance to try to get the bout to the floor. Chheng fends off the takedown and the two resume center-cage. Both fighters exchange teep kicks before the fight returns to the floor where the fighters scramble back and forth. Chheng finds her way on top in Castro’s half guard. Chheng then secures back control and looks for the rear naked choke. Castro fights her way but Chheng has top control for the remainder of the round.

Round 3: Castro presses forward early with the punch combinations. Chheng ducks under and gets the takedown. Castro reverses the position and gets top control where she peppers in shots when she sees them. Castro stands and lets Chheng stand too as well but the bout quickly works its way back to the canvas where Castro lands ground and pound at will. The fight returns to the standing position l, again briefly before hitting the floor, again where Castro took full control again peppering ground and pound around Chhengs attempts to tie her opponent up.

Winner: Sandy Chheng via Unanimous Decision (All 3 judges score 29-28)

(145 lbs) James Mullens vs Deauntre Smith

Round 1: The two briefly circle and Smith commits first with a straight right. Mullins switches levels and gets the heavy dump on Smith early. While on the ground Mullens secures a deep guillotine that Smith narrowly escapes. The round is spent with the two going back and forth standing with slick scrambling on the ground. Mullens looks to be physically stronger and enforcing his will and pressure on Smith early. At the closing seconds of the opening round, Smith secures a deep triangle that looked close to finishing his foe until the bell sounded.

Round 2: Smith peppers his jab early and starts piecing his straight punch combinations together. Mullens is eating some stiff punches and switches levels to get the floor to the ground. Smith is doing a good job fending off the takedown for a bit until Mullins grasps his opponent and Smith accepts his fate for the heavy ride down while looking to secure a guillotine. Mullens escapes and utilizes top position scrambling for better positioning with Smith doing a good job staying game to his attempts. With seconds left, Smith sits in for his own guillotine but the bell sounds to cut the submission attempt short.

Round 3: Mullins immediately shoots in and Smith looks to scramble for the back. Mullins gets top position as they both grapple for better positioning. Smith gets back to his feet and Mullens follows him in for another takedown. Smith fires heavy bombs to the body before getting scooped up for another takedown. Mullens advances to full mount and locks up a mounted guillotine. Smith does an excellent job fighting it but with seconds left in the fight, Smith is forced to tap.

Winner: James Mullens via Guillotine at 1:53 seconds into round 3

(138 lbs) Eric Urgiles vs Filipe Ramirez

Round 1: Ramirez fires a leg kick from the jump, but Urgiles ducks and looks for the takedown early. Ramirez fends off the takedown attempt and makes his way back to center cage. Urgiles follows him and lands his own punches to back up Ramirez. Urgiles gets the bout to the ground briefly but Ramirez finds his way back to his feet. Urgiles peppers some strikes against the cage and the two separate. In the closing seconds Ramirez lands a crisp right hand and Urgiles looks to get the fight to the ground as the bell sounds.

Round 2: The two waste no time with a feeling out process and get to work. Ramirez is looking to blast Urgiles early with heavy striking combinations. Urgiles gets the bout to the mat with Ramirez looking for a guillotine that he gives up on almost immediately. Ramirez has Urgiles in his guard while Urgiles peppers shots to the body when he sees the opening.

Round 3: Ramirez keeps Urgiles on the outside of his shots early and is popping some bombs upstairs. Urgiles fires a headkick that is blocked and presses the action forward. Urgiles gets the bout to the floor and starts landing heavy punches to the body of Ramirez. The bout gets back to the feet but doesn’t stay there long. Urgiles scores another takedown but gets caught in Ramirez’ guillotine. Urgiles is in no danger so he relaxes in the position until the clock winds down.

Winner: Eric Urgiles via Unanimous Decision
(Judge 1; 30-27, Judge 2; 29-28, Judge 3; 30-27)

(155lbs) Gabrielle Giordano vs Christine Williams

Round 1: Williams attempts to get cage dominance early by coming forward throwing heavy punches. Giordano utilizes her footwork and pops shots in and out showing a technical striking arsenal from the gate. Williams keeps attempting to walk her opponent down and throw heavy strikes but is met by a counter punch at almost every turn. Williams seems to be getting frustrated as she charges forward looking to make the fight a tad tighter. Giordano uses technical boxing from the pocket to outstrike her opponent until the end of the round.

Round 2: Williams rushes Giordano early for a brief slugfest. The dust settles and the fighters break momentarily. Williams stays aggressive and is met by stiff jabs and straights to make her back up and reset. Giordano starts to set up her strikes with jabs to keep her opponent at the end of her reach, and would follow up with a shotgun blast-straight right when the moment presented itself. Giordano is gaining confidence second by second as this round draws to a close.

Round 3: Williams starts the round with a leg kick and shoots for a takedown immediately. Giordano fends it off and lands crisp straight punches to keep her opponent at distance. Williams gets the bout against the cage and scores several knees from the inside utilizing her thai clinch. Giordano escapes and goes back to work from the outside picking her shots with her superior boxing. With 10 seconds left the two combatants briefly engage in a tit for tat trade until the final bell sounds.

Winner: Gabrielle Giordano via Unanimous Decision 1-3 29-28 judge 2 30-27
(Judge 1; 29-28, Judge 2; 30-27, Judge 3; 29-28)

(135lbs) Eric Gonzales vs Sean Matecki

Round 1: Neither fighter wastes time to engage, center cage as they begin trading heavy leather. Matecki is attempting to get the contest to the mat but with little success. Matecki lands a clean right hand, but Gonzales didn’t back an inch. Gonzales looks for a guillotine it didn’t spend time wasting energy on it. Gonzales switches to a triangle, to no avail finally settling with his opponent in his guard for the remainder of the round.

Round 2: Matecki commits first with a right hand. Gonzales returns fire. Matecki fires a stiff jab that pushes Gonzales head back, and Gonzales charges forward with a punch combination. Matecki switches levels to get the floor to the ground and Gonzales behinds to tee off with ground and pound. The bout makes its way back to its feet and Gonzales goes to work with heavy punches. Matecki is eating a lot of the shots and looks for the takedown again. Gonzales nullifies the takedown and keeps it standing where he peppers shots for the remainder of the round.

Round 3: Matecki commits early with a straight punch combination and Gonzales doesn’t back up an inch and returns fire to the head. Matecki doesn’t lie the punishment and against look to get the bout to the ground, seemingly hurt. Gonzales is able to fend off the takedown and lands punches in bunches upstairs before Matecki charges forward for a desperate takedown which he secures. Gonzales works his way to his feet while peppering his opponent with punches. Gonzales lands several knees that slows Matecki down. Gonzales switches to punches upstairs while fending off another attempted takedown that didn’t find their mark as the final bell sounded.

Winner: Eric Gonzales via Unanimous Decision. (Judge 1; 30-27, Judge 2; 29-28, Judge 3; 30-27)

(155lbs) Derrik Sekulski vs Dominic Parker

Round 1: Parker leads with a leg kick followed by an overhand right hand. It looks to daze Sekulski as he staggers and attempts to pull guard. The fight makes its way back to its feet and Sekulski secures a standing guillotine that looks tight. Parker escapes and swings wildly looking to take Sekulski’s head off. The too continue to scrap with Sekulski looking to get the contest to the floor and Parker swinging heavy leather and connecting often upstairs to have Sekulski on wobbly legs towards the end of the round. The bout hits the floor with Parker and attempts an armbar in the final seconds that doesn’t get the job done as the opening bell sounds.

Round 2: Parker comes blitzing forward with a barrage of punches that has Sekulski off of his balance after finding its home. Sekulski covers up and Parker begins to tee off until one right hand dropped Sekulski to his knees. Parker didn’t bother to follow up as Sekulski stayed covered up once on the canvas and referee Bill Bookwalter calls a halt to the contest.

Winner: Dominic Parker via TKO. 37 seconds into round 2.

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