Jessica Lyndsey, Australian Muay Thai competitor

Australian Muay Thai competitor dies attempting to make weight for fight

Extreme weight cut measures have claimed the life of another young competitor.  According to a report from, 18-year old Australian, Jessica Lyndsey collapsed on November 10 while attempting to make weight for an amateur Muay Thai bout.  She was proclaimed dead four days later.

“Fit and healthy,” she wrote on her Instagram account on November 1. On November 8 she wrote, “Yeah nah cutting weight is sick hey.” On November 10 she collapsed. And on November 14 she passed away.

Lindsay had been cutting weight for a bout scheduled at 64 kilograms.

“There is a point of no return, it is quite extreme and it goes beyond dehydration,” Dr. Joe Kosterich said.

“It is what some would call heat exhaustion or heat shock.

“People may choose to ignore the warning signs because they’re focused on what they’re trying to achieve and it’s an issue for amateurs – professionals will be coached, they will be monitored,” he said.

A fundraising page set up for Lindsay’s family.

The Combat Sports Commission says weight-cutting is not covered in its legislation but that it is constantly reviewing processes and guidelines around contestant health and safety.

Lindsay’s death will now be investigated by the coroner.

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