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Bellator 256 Media Day (Cat Zingano)

Bellator 256 Media Day took place on Wednesday, April 7th ahead of the Friday card. Bellator 256 emanates from Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

The top of the marquee attraction is a rematch between Ryan Bader and Lyoto Machida. This bout also serves as a quarterfinal match in Bellator’s light heavyweight world grand prix.

Below are excerpts from my interactions with Cat Zingano in the virtual scrum.

Bellator 256 Media

I was checking out an interview the other day you did with Marc Raimondi and you were talking about how your son has reintegrated himself into training jiu-jitsu there.

I’m kind of wondering, how does that inform your own individual journey as a martial artist just because it’s a generational thing now?

“I mean I love it and I love that he loves it. Because of what it’s offered me is so much. Like, it’s this outlet with consequences you know. You get to sweat and you get to work hard and you get to meet so many people through it. He moves just like me. Even at his age, he’s a better athlete than I was. It took me 10,000 times at a move that it takes him 10 to get it perfect you know. He’s very creative and we’re super close.”

Cat Zingano

“So to be able to bond over this and him ask me questions and me have the answers feels so good. And on top of it, where we came from and the lineage of how we’ve gotten there you know. It’s quite a hard story. So for it to have this positive outcome in this positive area where we get to feel good and connect over it. Remember things and still use stuff that we got from before to use now. It feels really special and I’m super happy to have it with my son.”

“Whatever he decides to do with it, is up to him and I’m gonna support him no matter what. But it is very cool to bond with him. I got my brown belt the other day and I made sure that he was my first match. We had a match. As soon as it was tied around my waist, I went over and he put on his and we had a go. Just because I want that belt to begin with him. It’s just how all of this started. So it’s cool, I’m really happy.”

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