Ben Askren, Colby Covington

Ben Askren on Colby Covington: “The poor man’s version of me”

Since his rise to prominence in the UFC’s welterweight division, Colby Covington has developed a personality about himself that has opened up a lot of opportunities and public face time.

Covington’s has become more outspoken recently, a characteristic that he first developed after defeating former 170 pound title contender Demian Maia, which saw Covington cruelly insult the veteran’s home country.

But when you put all the controversial verbiage and wild behavior aside, you will find a solidly skilled MMA fighter in Covington.

After coming off two of his most impressive victories at 170 pounds, in which he dominated both opponents in Maia and most recently Rafael Dos Anjos, Covington is now considered one of the elite as a UFC welterweight.

While most of his fellow UFC peers have been impressed by Covington’s body of work so far, of course there will be some that won’t be, just like anything in life.

One man that’s definitely not been fond of Covington, is a man that UFC fans have heard about for years, but never actually got a chance to see compete inside the octagon. He is none other than former undefeated Bellator and One Championship welterweight champion, Ben Askren.

Not too long ago, Askren shared  his views on Colby Covington, when responding to a fan on Twitter.

Askren stated he has not been impressed with anything of Covington’s, including his fight skills, record, or his trash talking.

“C’mon [Colby Covington] is a poor mans version of me,” Ben Askren said on Twitter. “Couldn’t accomplish in wrestling, got choked out by subpar Warlley Alves and trash talking sounds like his IQ is 85 (which it may be although I can’t confirm)!”

Apparently Askren’s disgust for Covington is not anything new. Last year in a interview with International Business Times, the former world champion made some remarks about Covington, similar to the ones he posted on Twitter.

“Colby Covington is an idiot. He is so stupid,” Ben Askren said. “If he does [end up fighting UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley], he’s going to get beat up.

“Colby Covington has a very low IQ, he says a lot of stupid things and it’s almost embarrassing that he represents our country that way.”

What do you make of Ben Askren’s thoughts on Colby Covington?


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