Ben Rothwell

Ben Rothwell on Bobo O’Bannon at BKFC 30 “Shut him down”

Ben Rothwell and Bobo O’Bannon test skills at BKFC 30 on October 1st.

Rothwell appeared on this episode of Bowks Talking Bouts and several subjects were touched on in these chats.

Ben Rothwell

Rothwell’s thoughts on his upcoming opponent Bobo O’Bannon

“As soon as he called me out I said bam, there’s the one. I like it when a guy wants to try to make a name off of me. He calls me out so I can make it a little bit personal. I’m cordial with everybody. Most of these guys are pretty good guys and he’s no exception. Outside of fighting, everybody likes him.”

“But when we’re inside, it’s not just business for me, it’s a fight. You’re challenging me and trying to best me. You’ve gotta take it a little bit personal and I have to show this man that I’m something he’s never seen before. I just believe that. I just believe wholeheartedly he’s not prepared for what I’m going to show him.”

Ben Rothwell continued, “He fights kind of like a bully. Where he likes to go forward, makes for exciting fights. But he’s going to run into a guy. A lot of guys he’s been fighting he’s been bigger than. Now he’s going to fight a guy that’s bigger than him. So I’m not sure. I don’t see a guy that moves a lot. He’s not like a fast-head movement guy. I don’t want to say a brawler but kind of straightforward and does his thing. He believes he has heart. Going to do everything he can if he gets knocked down to get back up. I’m going to find my shots and I have to shut him down.”


The fluidity of the BKFC ruleset and how smoothly that interfaces with Rothwell’s skills

“Well, it’s better than boxing because it allows a single-arm clinch and close fighting. These are things that will work really well for me. I think my style is very well equipt for this. I just think there’s a a lot of good matchups too.”

“So with bare-knuckle, the hands come out a little bit faster. So I feel more importantly I’ve been known as just being on the bad end to kind of stand still or be a target. That’s when I’m probably having anxiety or not being in my realm. I think I’ve shown lots of success when you see me moving my head. People call it crazy movements and stuff like that but that’s me really being natural. Allowing myself to get into that is going to be very successful for this. I don’t see any of the heavyweights moving the way I can move.”

Ben Rothwell continued, “The way I know I’m capable of bringing a very unorthodox style. I switch my feet frequently. I’m very comfortable fighting southpaw and orthodox now. So I think those characteristics are really going to shake things up. Confusion is a big part of my game. Making guys really not know where my strikes are coming from.”

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