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Bobo O’Bannon eyes 2nd round KO of Ben Rothwell at BKFC 30

Bobo O’Bannon and Ben Rothwell test skills at BKFC 30 on October 1st.

O’Bannon appeared on this episode of Bowks Talking Bouts and several subjects were touched on in this chat.

Bobo O’Bannon

O’Bannon’s thoughts on his upcoming opponent Ben Rothwell

“I’m not saying I know much about him, or I know him greatly or anything like that. But what little bit I do. What little bit I have seen on him… He seems like a pretty humble fella and he seems a lot like me. In the aspect of if he’s going to do something he wants to be good at it. He doesn’t just want to do it. Doesn’t just want to come in and fight a few fights to say that he fought bare knuckle. He wants to excel in it and be good at it. Just being honest about it, I’m not, wouldn’t say right now, a title contender or anything like that.”

“Just lost to (Alan) Belcher so I’m not exactly a title contention kind of guy right now. But I am the guy that seems to be you got to beat me to get there. With him coming in and accepting the fight with me, asking for the fight with me, it shows that he’s definitely wanting to get there. Wanting to see if he’s got what it takes to be in there with the champion, get the title shot.”


Parting thoughts for Bobo O’Bannon

“Man, I don’t have a whole lot. The one time where I ain’t got a whole lot to say (laughs). It’s going to be fireworks. You’ve got two big men. You’re going to have close to six hundred pounds of man in that dog gone squared circle throwing hands at one another. That’s always a good time. Ben’s track record speaks for itself. Mine speaks for itself. I’m always all about the excitement. Always all about bringing it and putting on a good show.”

“I’ve never had a bare knuckle fight go the distance. Fourth round is the furthest that any of my fights have made it. Ben’s definitely got one shot knockout power. So, we’re gonna go in there and see what it’s all about. Try to make things as exciting as we can for the fans and try to end things quick. I want to be done with this thing by the second round.”

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