Lorenzo Hunt

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Lorenzo Hunt on BKFC 30 “Very rough fight for Quentin Henry”

Lorenzo Hunt and Quentin Henry test skills for the cruiserweight world title at BKFC 30 on October 1st.

Hunt appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and discussed several topics as he pursues becoming a dual division champion in BKFC. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Lorenzo Hunt

Hunt’s thoughts on upcoming opponent Quentin Henry

“I’m the best bare knuckle fighter in the world in my own personal opinion, non-biased. But Quentin can fight. He can hit, he’s a big guy you know. He can swing a hammer. But I personally believe it’s going to take more than he has to deal with me. I’m very versatile. I’m very creative and the longer the fight goes, the better I get. You’ve never seen me tired. You’ve never seen me really hurt, fall, or stumble aside from the (Gustavo) Trujillo garbage. It’s going to be a very rough fight for Quentin Henry. Very rough fight for Quentin.”

Hunt’s feelings on the interim title fight between Isaac Doolittle and Mike Richman at BKFC 31

“I have to check the schemers and the rats and the roaches that try to creep in and eat when you leave food on the table. I’m not leaving any food on the table so to speak. Just because I reach for the 205 belt, you’ve got Mike Richman and (Isaac) Doolittle gonna hurry up and rush to sneak in an interim title fight. So that they can be crowned a 185 champ without actually having to fight the champ. How disgusting, how childish. What better way to prove that you’re not a championship quality than to try to steal a championship.”


“Which is why I whooped Hector Lombard ass the way I did because he stole it. They don’t get it. It’s not a good idea to steal from me. That pissed me off. An interim title for what? I just defended my belt . Just defended it against Joe Riggs. I didn’t get offered another title defense. As soon as the ink dried on the contract for the 205 title, there was a interim 185 title fight. Hector Lombard sat on the 205 belt for a year without defending it before they eventually vacated him. Thiago Alves sat on the 175 belt for a year and nobody came and said ‘interim title’.”

Lorenzo Hunt continued, “I defend my belt and not six months later there’s an interim title fight with two weirdos… What a clown. You just lined yourself up to get your ass whooped. Because as soon as I beat up Quentin Henry, and I’m gonna do it in such a vicious fashion that it’s gonna make Doolittle and Mike Richman not want to win. He’s gonna be like no, you take it. No, no, no, you take it. They’re gonna play hot potato with that muthafucka (laughs)… As soon as I whoop Quentin Henry ass, I’m cutting weight. I ain’t leaving nothing for you clowns.”

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