The Best Online Games for MMA Fans

The Best Online Games for MMA Fans

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, has long held the attention of fans throughout the world. The adrenalin fuelled excitement of watching specialised fighters pitted against each other in the ring is hard to beat. The sport has a rich history that, in one form or another, dates back to the ancient Greeks. Fighters study combat techniques from a wide range of fighting styles that originate from Asia, Europe and South America and combine them to create their own personal fighting style. The sport taps into the untamed spirit of human nature and although there are rules and regulations in place these days, it’s still a wild and unpredictable ride.

The question is, does a sport as freewheeling as MMA translate well into the online gaming format? And the answer is, without doubt, a resounding yes! MMA fans can find plenty of online games to whet their appetite in between real-life matches. Whether you’re ready to jump straight in the virtual ring and pit yourself against an online opponent, train your fighting avatar to rise up through the ranks of other online players or simply spin a few reels of an MMA themed slot game at an online casino Canada, there’s an online MMA game for you, this website offer a list of casinos where you can play for real money –

Get In The Ring

MMA fighting games for PC users have been steadily improving over the years and these days the gameplay and graphics rival any game-console game. One of the best games series is the Street Fighter series. One of the most recent editions is Street Fighter V. Here you’ll find well-rounded characters, some of whom you may know and love from previous Street Fighter games, excellent fight controls, a story mode and interactive levels. The graphics are much improved since the series began in the late 80’s but the game makers have managed to remain true to the original games. If you’re in the mood to dip back into the early games for a bit of retro nostalgia, check out the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. This is a box set of sorts and it includes plenty of background extras that are sure to please the Street geek that lies within us all.

The Dragon Ball series is also an MMA classic, and with it comes all the gorgeousness of Anime graphics. Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest offering and it lives up to its predecessors’ greatness. The gameplay features a 3 against 3 fight mode and the characters you’ll meet could be aliens, humans, androids or a strange hybrid called a monkey man. You’ll get to play with an awesome range of fighting moves that are easy to get the hang of and you’ll participate in epic battles – what more could you ask for?

Sit Back and Spin

If you need a break from kicking and punching, consider trying out one of the many fighting-themed slot games that can be found at any one of Canada’s online casinos. We are big fans of the UFC slot game that celebrates all things Ultimate Fighting Champion. This 3 row and 5 reel slot game has 20 paylines and plenty of fighting features. You get to choose a fighter to become your wild within the game, and you’ll also get watch your fighter face off against another fighter in the ring for the chance to win extra prizes!

Fighting Fish, Lucha Libre and Kung Fu Rooster are also worth a spin if you’re looking for an alternative slant on the traditional MMA theme. They all feature excellent gameplay, fun storylines and entertaining in-game features, and they’ll all quench your fighting thirst.


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