A short history of MMA

A short history of MMA

The Mixed Martial Arts competition or MMA has indeed a very short history. It was the first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) that was held on 12th of November 1993. This event is well-known for showcasing different types of styles which helped MMA grow to a large extent.

The History of MMA in detail

It is the various martial arts and styles that led to the making of MMA. Alongside, those practising the fighting techniques tested their skills even before the history of MMA was recorded and later, the Greek Pankration, a fighting event became a part of the Olympic Games in 648 BC. This fighting game was popular for its cruelty and harshness which gave rise to other games such as Etruscan and Roman Pancratium.

Apart from these, a number of style competitions also took place in England during the late 1800s through the Bartitsu events. The Bartitsu event was set against Asian and European fighting styles. The addition of the Asian fighting styles is what made MMA unique and popular during that period.

During the early 1900s, mixed fighting styles took place in various places and among that Vale Tudo in Brazil was a noteworthy one which began in the early 1920s. Vale Tudo emerged from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the Gracie family.

What constitutes MMA matches?

The MMA matches comprise of varied martial art styles such as stand up fighting which includes punches, clinch work, knees, kicks, and elbows, throwing or takedowns, and ground fighting which include round control, submissions, and submission defence.

Some of the martial arts that contribute to MMA are Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Kung Fu, Russian Sambo, Judo and many more.

Keeping aside the MMA ground, the popularity grew in such a way that online gaming destinations like www.bluefoxcasino.com understood the scope and started developing exclusive online table game like the Mike Tyson Roulette, named after the popular American former boxer Mike Tyson who holds the record of the youngest boxer to win the heavyweight title at the age of 20.

Highlights of MMA

In the year 2005, MMA for the first time aired the Ultimate Fighter Reality television show on Spike television. The various competitors in the show were trained by coaches like Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell who were renowned martial artists. They fought in a single elimination style tournament and the winner received a six-figure UFC contract. The light heavyweight battle between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar during the show’s finale is considered to be one of the greatest MMA fights in history. Also, the intensity and the passion with which Bonnar and Griffin fought with each other was given significant credit which made MMA popular.

MMA today

MMA today is regularly seen and enjoyed by a number of people and so, the channel has a splendid pay per view buy members on its list particularly the UFC. MMA also encourages the participation of women by broadcasting their matches in CBS TV network and Showtime.

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