Best Supplements for MMA: MyMMANews Buying Guide

Best Supplements for MMA: MyMMANews Buying Guide

When it’s a matter of being on top form or getting the sh*t kicked out of you in a cage – you want to be firing on all cylinders…

So here are four simple steps to making sure the very best version of you steps in the octagon though a detail guide.

Four quality supplements to have in your corner…

You might be fatigued… not eating or sleeping properly… or just not quite as sharp and focused as usual. But none of these excuses are going to save you the guy opposite, who’s spent the last three months training to knock you out!

This is where supplements come in.

A high-quality nutrient boost will make sure you perform at your best, every time. Giving you a competitive advantage both physically and mentally.

Read on to find out why we recommend all MMA should seek out the benefits of Performance Lab supplements.

Why are Supplements Important for MMA Fighters?

Everybody should be getting all their micro and macronutrients from a healthy diet. We know this.

We also know that this is not always possible. Life, work, our other half all have a habit of getting in the way. So even with the best will in the world, you might not have the time to prepare and eat 3-5 nutritious meals per day.

But there is something you can do…

Giving your body a helping hand with some high-quality multivitamins can quickly and easily replace any micronutrients you might be missing in your diet.

Numerous clinical studies have proven that getting the right amount of vitamin D alone can boost athletic performance (and bone health). Picking a high-quality ‘multi’ can top you up in every area.

Focus on Quality Over Cheap Prices

We emphasize ‘high quality’ as it’s important to avoid budget supplements that only contain synthetic nutrients. Let’s use the example of multivitamins…

Synthetic supplements are much cheaper – for good reason. They don’t absorb well into your body, so you will probably p*ss out most of a low-quality multivitamin. Even the cheapest product is a waste of money if most of it is going down the pan.

The smart move is to spend a bit extra on a premium multivitamin that absorbs well to give your body a real boost. It’s a no brainer.

Tip: Like with most things, going natural is best. Buying a 100% natural supplement is always a better choice than going for products filled with synthetic ingredients.

Make Sure you Avoid Banned Substances

It sounds obvious, but – always check the label of a supplement before taking it.

In the interests of your own personal safety, you should always know exactly what you are putting into your body.
And if you’re a competitive athlete, failing to check could mean failing a drug test. Resulting in a suspension or missing a fight – which also means no pay day.

If it can happen to UFC pros, it can happen to you. So make sure you have a copy of the banned substances list for the relevant organization.

Why We Like Performance Lab

We’ve previously recommended 3 Performance Lab products and it has become our go to supplements brand.
But this is not a McDonalds v Burger King personal choice type thing. There is solid logic behind it.

Performance Lab only use the highest quality ingredients looking for the best possible results. For example, in their Pre-Workout they use CreaPure ph10 ahead of regular creatine monohydrate as it’s proven to be the purest and most effective form on the market.

The company actually grow and harvest their own high-potency vitamins and minerals via a unique ‘BioGenesis’ system. This process creates nature-identical nutrients that your body recognizes as food because they are supported with the relevant enzymes and cofactors naturally found in whole foods.

Their supplements are 100% natural and even the capsules are made from vegan-friendly tapioca, so you’ll have no digestion problems.

»Learn more about Performance Lab at:

Best Supplements for MMA

Check Our Top Rated Brain Supplements for MMA Fighters from LumUltra . Best Supplements That Actually Work To Increase Energy, Improve Concentration, Memory, Focus & Mood.

In this section we’ve put together a cocktail of supplements that will specifically benefit MMA fighters.


Studies show that most people don’t get anywhere near the level of vitamins and minerals they should from their diet. Up to 70% are deficient in vitamin D, 60% in vitamin E and 25% don’t get enough vitamin C.

If you’re an MMA fighter cutting serious calories to make weight, you’ll also be cutting serious amounts of nutrients. This puts a massive strain on your body, just when you need it to be operating at its best.

This is exactly why we recommend taking multivitamins. Popping a couple of zero calorie capsules can deliver optimal doses of any missing nutrients, whatever your diet you’re following.

Just stay away from the synthetics.

Our Recommended Multivitamin: Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi

Best Supplements for MMA: MyMMANews Buying Guide
• Foundational nutritional support for peak performance
• Nature-identical nutrients for better absorption
• Over 25 vitamins and minerals
• Gender-unique formulas

Where to buy:


If you want to get every ounce out of your training sessions, so you really pack a punch on fight night – you need a pre-workout supplement in your kitbag.

A high-quality product will provide all the nutrients you need to boost your strength and endurance. Giving you a better chance of delivering a knockout blow and making you stronger for longer, if the fight goes the distance.

Word of warning… avoid pre-workout products that rely on caffeine. Anything over 50 mg per serving can lead to side effects, such as jitters and unexpected energy crashes. Not what you want in the cage.

Our Recommended Pre-Workout: Performance Lab Pre-Workout

pre workout
• Natural ingredients and no banned substances
• 95% pure creatine monohydrate (Creapure ph10)
• Caffeine-free so no risk of jitters or energy crashes
• Enhances physical performance on fight night

Where to buy:

Sleep Supplement

No-one functions well after a lack of sleep. If you find yourself feeling lethargic, clumsy or foggy-headed on fight night you could end up catching up on some zzz’s in the cage. And you don’t want that.

Getting plenty of good quality sleep should be high on the agenda for any MMA fighter, especially in the build up to a bout. That’s why we recommend Performance Lab Sleep.

It is packed with all natural ingredients that will help you fall asleep quicker, stay in the regenerative deep sleep phase for longer and wake up feeling fresh.

Our Recommended Product: Performance Lab Sleep

• Promotes restful sleep for peak daytime performance
• Maintains deep sleep by soothing muscle and joint discomfort
• Accelerates sleep onset by calming the central nervous system
• Premium TryptoPure L-Trytophan by Ajinomoto

Where to buy:

Nootropic Stack

Focus and reaction speed are key in the cage. Move too slow or lose sight of your opponent’s movements and before you know it, the whole world is watching you get sparked out on YouTube…

To help avoid that nightmare scenario, a good nootropic stack can help keep you mentally sharp and reduce the effects of mental burnout.

That means you’ll be able to figure out your opponent’s game plan faster and deliver the final blow quicker. So their arse-whipping can go viral instead!

Our Recommended Nootropic: Performance Lab Mind

• Upgrades brain performance including focus and processing speed
• Reduces mental burnout effects over intense periods
• Increases brain energy and boosts blood flow to the brain
• 250mg premium citicoline (Cognizin)

Where to buy:


It’s no coincidence that the supplements industry is worth millions. Since the early 1990’s, Olympic athletes have been using nutrients such as creatine to improve their performance so there’s little doubt that they work.

But it’s as easy as just picking up any supplement in the store and expected instant results.

Many contain potentially harmful ingredients such as bitter orange extract or yohimbe – both of which have warnings against them from the National Institutes of Health in the USA.

You will also find supplements heavily laced with caffeine, some packing the equivalent of 2-3 cups of coffee in each serving. That could mean more jitters than benefits.

The good news is that Performance Lab have created a line of supplements that contain scientifically-backed nutrients in the cleanest formulas we’ve seen. As a result, we believe that their Multivitamin, pre-workout, sleep and mind supplements can all have a positive impact on your MMA performance.

Highly recommended.

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