Clay Mayfield

BJJ champion Clay Mayfield makes return to MMA

PSF (Pedigo Submission Fighting) Black belt Clay Mayfield has defied the odds in his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu journey. His lust for competition has rewarded him with many grappling accolades and built assurance that there is nothing he can’t conquer. However, Mayfield is competitive, and with that comes the constant search for challenges and hunger to improve in a combat setting. Another opportunity has been granted for Clay Mayfield, as he will be making his return to Mixed Martial Arts action at Showcase MMA on August 27. This isn’t Mayfield’s first square-off in a cage, as his return to action has a profound purpose in a mission of domination in the MMA world. Reflecting on the past, living in the present, and preparing for the future, Mayfield reveals all in this exclusive interview with MYMMANEWS.


As a man, I believe it is in our nature to seek out to face and conquer challenges. As a competitive athlete, why is this important to you?

CM:   I agree absolutely.   The need for challenge and a purpose is hardwired into our DNA as humans!   As an athlete, I think it’s important to stay out of your comfort zone.  Complacency is death.


Countless battles on the grappling mat, grueling training sessions at Pedigo Submission Fighting, and not to mention being a business owner. How have these experiences aided to who you are today and the upcoming challenge ahead with your return to MMA?

CM:   Man!  Those have really shaped EVERYTHING about who I am as a person!  In regard to these upcoming fights – same as I approach BJJ tournaments; my confidence comes from how hard I train.   Of course, I’ve taken losses, and anything could happen … but I walk in with a lot of confidence *knowing* that my opponent has absolutely not put in the suffering and preparation that I will have.


This isn’t your first time competing in Mixed Martial Arts. You competed in MMA as a blue/purple belt in 2015. Please share with us your initial participation and what led to you discontinuing your MMA journey?

CM:  I did.  I couldn’t tell you what year it was off the top of my head, but it was in the very beginning of my martial arts journey.  I enjoyed it, but just didn’t feel the urge to continue back then.


So, what inspired your return to MMA?

CM:    There were several strong reasons!    I wanted to evolve as a martial artist.  Grappling is / will continue to be my focus & specialty, but it felt like time to become better-rounded and start learning striking and MMA as well.    I’d been spending more time in MMA circles this year and was getting the itch to jump back in the cage.  Then I went through some personal challenges earlier this year and hit some hard burnout with competing on the Jiu-Jitsu circuit.  I needed a new avenue to focus on, and this was perfect.


You are doing most of your preparation at your BJJ academy in Nashville, TN. How has the training been going for the upcoming battle?

CM:   Training has been going great!!  I have such a great team of athletes here in Nashville, and we all know how to train together and push each other.  They’ve jumped fully on board with this new venture!

I’ve also been traveling up to Greenville, SC on a regular basis, to train with the MMA coaches that I’ve chosen to work with.  There’s an incredible amount of talent there, and I’m grateful to learn from them.


What is the difference between Clay Mayfield, the MMA fighter of 2015, and the fighter entering the cage on August 27, 2022?

CM:   Night and day!    The first fight, I was just a kid dipping his toes in the water.  I didn’t have a real team, any significant competitions or striking experience at the time.   Now, I’m a seasoned competitor, and I’m taking my preparation very seriously!    I *cannot wait* to display this new skillset to my team, friends and followers.


Why is emerging the winner important?

CM:   “If you ain’t first, you’re last!”  I’m a really competitive person!   I’d say that winning this fight is important to me, because I know that I’m capable.


With your possible forthcoming victory, what is your prediction that someone will create a MEME about you, similar to your past grappling highlight reel Instagram videos and photos?

CM:   Hahaha!   I’d say that’s highly likely.  Bring it on!


Finally, should we expect to see more of you in the cage after this fight? 

CM:   Yes.  I have two more amateur fights scheduled already, and then I’ll be applying for a spot on the 2022 National Team to represent the USA at the next GAMMA World Championships.  It’s an overseas event, in a badass tournament format.  So, I could have 3-4 fights over a weekend, against fighters from all over the globe competing for an amateur MMA world title.

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