BKFC 40 – LIVE Stream – Holmes vs. Christie

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship will hold their second of two fight cards this weekend as BKFC 40 is live from the Planet Ice Leeds, in Leeds, United Kingdom.

The event begins at 1pm ET with free preliminary bouts, followed by the main card

Watch FREE prelims below:

Order and watch BKFC 40 main card below:

Main Card
Anthony Holmes, 186lb. vs. Danny Christie, 186.8lb.
Luke Nevin, 169.6 vs. Franco Tenaglia, 170
Rico Franco, 164.4 vs. Axel Birbes, 164.6
Robbie Kennedy, 205 vs. Conor Cooke, 203
Tom Scott, 176.6 vs. Damian Gorski, 172.8
Jonny Graham, 157.4 vs. Will Cairns, 155.6
Lee Browne, 215.4 vs. David Oscar, 217.2
Morgan Starkey, 158 vs. Marius Rado, 158.6

Bartlomiej Krol, 184.2 vs. Ash Griffiths, 185
Rob Cunningham, 285 vs. Wain Morgan, 236.6
Aaron Blakey, 187 vs. Naff Higson, 185.4

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