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Bobby Nash Talks Black Magic

Bobby Nash speaks on XMMA 4: Black Magic and the XFC

Interview with Bobby Nash above

Bobby Nash (12-4) has reinvented himself since his departure from the UFC in 2017. He’s gone back to the training room and rounded out any rough edges to turn himself into as well rounded a mixed martial artist one hopes to be in MMA. Now, he is riding a four-fight win streak with the last three bouts being first round finishes in a welterweight tournament he was likely on track to win.

The XFC welterweight tournament may have fizzled but that’s not something Nash cares to focus on. Instead, he is facing Felipe Boaventura at XMMA’s fourth event in New Orleans on April 2. This week, he spoke with The Coast-2-Coast Combat Hour about how he matches up with Boaventura, where he stands with the XFC, and what doors his success has been opening.

Nash is in good company at XMMA 4 as the card seems stacked with former UFC vets and he could not be more excited about getting booked on the card. “It’s a cool venue, a cool event. I absolutely love what they’re doing and everything lined up perfectly,” Nash said.  His opponent is taller than him and while he wishes that was not the case, clearly it’s something he got used to. “He’s a Muay Thai fighter,” Nash said and that, “he likes to throw kicks, a lot of leg kicks,” but feels he has all the tools to pull off another win.

He mentioned fights being offered to him towards the end of last year that didn’t work out, but when this one came up, the timing could not be more perfect. “This worked out and it seems pretty exciting man to be headlining a show with John Dodson, Jimmy Rivera and all these other high-level, tough fighters so I’m super excited about it.” 

The date in particular he likes.

“There’s no UFC event on that day,” Nash said. “So, I’m going to text Sean Shelby and be like ‘Hey man. There’s not a UFC event so tune in and check me out live.” 

Nash mentioned Shelby because the fight that did not work out was one that Shelby had contacted him about, but unfortunately he had contracted COVID-19 and was unable to compete. But, the conversation he had was positive so his hopes are rightfully high. 

“I really truly in my heart I wholeheartedly believe at this moment in my career. I can go against the top 10 in the world, in the UFC and compete and beat them right now. I 100 percent believe that.” -Bobby Nash

Rightfully so since his XFC stint was tournament based and Nash was running through bigger opposition in the tournament. However, the XFC seems to have fizzled and Nash was open about the issue of fighters getting paid that had been brought up on Twitter before the interview. 

Winning the tournament would have been a good payday for Nash but as time went on, Nash said, “Dude, they like ‘ghosted’ me.” While he was paid for the fights he had, he spoke about other fighters that were still looking to get paid their percentages from ticket sales but closed with, “ I wish I had more information and details to tell you but I don’t know what the future of XFC is.”

For now, Nash can only focus on his future at the upcoming event XMMA 4: Black Magic. Check out the fight card and event details over at the XMMA website

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