Bojan Velickovic

Bojan Velickovic anticipates “insane” fight against Leandro Silva

Bojan Velickovic tests skills with Leandro Silva at Oktagon 36 on October 15th.

Velickovic appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and we got into multiple topics during our chat. Excerpts from our conversation can be found below.

Bojan Velickovic

If a win here could garner another title shot against reigning Oktagon welterweight champion David Kozma for Velickovic under the Oktagon banner

“Probably. I’m not too worried about that but yeah as you said, from where him and I stand and considering that I took a short-notice fight against David (Kozma) and lost. After that fight, I had been told that if I win one or two fights that I’m going to get another shot for a title. I already got one win out of the way. If I get another one, I think that should be done deal. But as I said, I’m not too preoccupied about that. I’m focused on the fight that is ahead of me which is Leandro Silva. I know that he’s a good experienced fighter. So I’m fully focused on that.”

If he sees his upcoming opponent Silva as someone he was invariably going to clash with someday

“Yeah for sure. I mean just like when I got signed with Oktagon last year in Spring. So after I got signed, the first event that Oktagon had was David Kozma versus Leandro Silva. That fight went into five rounds and it was really like really good fight to watch. I think Oktagon later on pronounced it as the fight of the year. So when I saw that fight I was like oh I hope I’m gonna fight one of these two guys or both of them. It turns out that I did fought David already and right now I’m fighting Leandro. So yeah, I’m super excited. I think he’s very experienced.”‘

Oktagon 36

“What I like about him, one thing I’m for sure that we’re going to give fans, great fight. He’s another guy like in my last fight, Máté (Kertész) knew that I’m very dangerous striker. He didn’t want to have any of that. So he was just going for wrestling, for takedowns. We spent most of the fight in a clinch, defending takedowns, taking down. I don’t think it was very spectacular and very exciting for fans. But with Leandro, I know that he’s a showman, he likes to strike, he likes to change stances. He likes to throw fancy, big shots. I’m a gamer and I like challenges.”

“So I think it’s going to be a really fun and exciting fight to watch. So that’s something that I’m most excited about. I’m at this point in my career where I’m not too concerned or too worried about the outcome of the fight. The only thing I’m concerned is to go out there, give my best. Make sure that fans when they leave the arena they say oh my god, that fight was insane, it was crazy. I want to give them something to talk about and to remember me by. While I’m in this sport, I want to make some kind of impact. So yeah, that’s my only concern.”

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