Mike Richman

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Mike Richman on Isaac Doolittle, BKFC 31, and title goals

Mike Richman and Isaac Doolittle clash for the interim light heavyweight title at BKFC 31 on October 15th.

Richman appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and covered several subjects before this fight. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Mike Richman

Having championship goals at middleweight and 165 pounds after pursuing this goal of unifying the light heavyweight titles

“Yeah, essentially. I don’t plan to stay up at light heavyweight long. It was more of a go up there, get the title, and finish up some business with Lorenzo (Hunt). Which I don’t think he can even make the weight. From my understanding, which I want to be hitting up my manager…., he is supposed to be vacating one of the two titles. David Feldman said it in a couple of interviews that he’s not going to allow defending dual champions.”

“You can win a  dual title, yeah yeah yeah look at me, I’ve got two belts. But at the end of the day, he’s going to make them vacate one or the other. Whether Lorenzo does it or not or he throws a little crybaby fucking fit like he likes to do. The sounds of it, he was supposed to vacate the ’85 pound title and Doolittle and I would be fighting for the official title. Whether that happens or not, I guess we’ll find out.”


Richman’s thoughts on his upcoming opponent Isaac Doolittle

“He’s super skillful. Super athletic, he is getting better every fight. He’s not as sloppy and as ugly as earlier in his career. A little smarter, he’s getting a little bit better. The bottom line is anyone knows that’s really been watching the sport, they want to see Lorenzo (Hunt) and I fight. That’s the fight that they want to see. It’s either Lorenzo and I next or Lorenzo versus (Gustavo) Trujillo. It’s got to be one of those two.”

“Obviously, I’ve got to get rid of Doolittle because he’s a tough contender that is probably training his ass off, trying to upset the apple cart. But I don’t know, man. Lorenzo, we’re going to find out soon if he has to vacate the title or not. He probably won’t. He’ll probably go on this little social media rant and crying. I don’t give a shit anymore. Just pay me my fucking money. Everyone knows who the champ is.”

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