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Brazilian MMA fighter breaks world record for most burpees in one hour

Brazilian MMA fighter Cassiano Laureano has broken the world record for most burpees completed in one hour, recording a staggering 951 reps on the day of his 35th birthday.

Laureano, who lives in Singapore, partook in the challenge to raise money for his niece Rebecca, who was born with a severe heart condition. Originally, he had set out to complete over 1,000 reps but was unable to do so due to injury.

The previous record was held by CrossFit athlete Nick Anapolsky who broke the record earlier this year with 879 reps, 72 less than Laureano. This feat, however, did not come easy. In the lead up to Laureano’s world record attempt, he subjected himself to a grueling training regiment which saw him complete over 25,000 burpees prior to the challenge itself.

Speaking of the achievement, Laureano said “I’m tired. It didn’t go as smoothly as I thought it would but I’m very, very happy with the accomplishment.”

“It’s one of the toughest single exercises you can perform. It would not be fun if it was not the hardest,”

“I could choose jumping jacks but it’s so easy. It has to be something that challenges you to become something better.”

As an MMA fighter, Laureano holds a professional mixed martial arts record of 5-1 and last competed in December 2015 with a win over Nathan Batista at Jungle Fight 84.

For those wishing to support Laureano’s campaign you can click the link here to help him reach the $10,000 pledging target. It really is for a great cause.

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