Bryce Mitchell

Bryce Mitchell Shares Frustration With Covid-19 Forced Procedures

Following his dominant win over Andre Fili this past weekend at UFC Halloween, Bryce Mitchell had something on his chest that he needed lifted. Aside from thanking Reebok for his camo shorts, when the media was done asking him questions, the young man had something burning in his mind and heart he had to get out.

He asked if he could make a little speech, and he asked if it’d go anywhere. Considering the content of what he said, how much it bothered him, and the fact that he’s completely right about the matter, we at MyMMANews had to give him the time of day and help get his piece out there.

We realized, Mitchell is standing up for himself and the ones he loves, and he’s not wrong. He’s a blue collar american that doesn’t want his life controlled, and who can blame him? Toward the middle-to-end of his post-fight interview, Mitchell stated the following:

“Can I say stuff right now, or, does it go anywhere? Well I have, this is the only time that I have a platform to say something. And I’ve had something on my mind. It’s effected me, and a lot of people I love. And I’m gonna take a lot of criticism for saying what I’m about to say, but I’m gonna say it anyways, because I feel it needs to be said.

“I was driving by an elementary school the other day, and I seen all these kids outside, they were trying to play on the playground. They’re trying to run around, they’re trying to swing on the monkey bars, go down the slide, and wrestle, and play tag, and they all got masks on.

“And I see ’em out there, some of ’em taking their mask off so they can breathe fresh air, they get fresh air in their lungs when they take their mask off. And then you got a teacher walking around pointing at ’em saying, ‘oh put your mask on, put your mask on, put your mask on!’

“And that makes me sick, that these kids can’t get fresh air in their eight hours a day. They’re sitting six feet apart from each other and they can’t breathe fresh air? I don’t agree with that.

“And I just wanna tell Asa Hutchinson, I think you need to have a little bit of backbone, because we did not vote for none of that. There was no vote that said we want our kids in masks, we wanna wear masks, we want our businesses shut down, we want our restaurants at half capacity, we want our gyms at half capacity.

“And I just don’t know who he thinks he is telling us that we have to shut down our businesses or shut our businesses to half capacity, without a vote. There was no vote. And if he likes shutting down peoples businesses and he likes telling people what to do, he can go to California, ’cause they’ll love him over there.

“That’s what they do over there to governments all up in peoples business over there and we don’t wanna live like that. And I’m just asking to get our freedoms back, and I don’t think that’s much to ask for.

“What I’m saying is, make the mask optional, in Arkansas, for people who own restaurants, for people who own businesses. Make it optional, why tell somebody they have to wear a mask? What if they don’t want to or what if it effects their breathing negatively and gives ’em headaches?

“Ya know, and here’s another theory I got. If your mask works so well, why you worried about if I’m wearing one? Don’t you got one on? Why does it matter? If they work so good, why you worried if I got one? You wear one and worry about you, okay.

“If you think you’re gonna get sick, stay home. If you think you’re gonna get sick, stay home. That’s all I’m saying and I think that taking away our liberties and taking away our freedoms without a vote, I don’t think that’s the right answer.

“There’s gonna be a lot of criticism and a lot of people attacking me for saying that, and they’re gonna say I’m a dumb MMA fighter and I got no sense sharing my opinion, but you know what? I pay my taxes, so you gonna tell me you can take that money out my pocket, tens and thousands of dollars out my pocket that I fought for, and you gonna take it out my pocket and then discredit my opinions? Say I don’t have an opinion?

“No, I do have an opinion, and it does matter. And if you put it on a vote, I guarantee ya more people in Arkansas will agree with me than they do masks for everybody. All I’m saying is make it optional.

“Let the people have a choice. There’s single moms that are waitresses, okay, they got kids okay, they got kids to feed, they’re moms that’re waitresses, okay no dads, and these restaurants are at half capacity. That’s half their paycheck. You’re effecting peoples lives Asa Hutchinson.

“Open up our restaurants to full capacity, open up our gyms to full capacity, or at least give us a vote, but personally I like the government the hell out of my life. And ya know, like I said, there’s gonna be people criticizing me, but I feel that needed to be said, and uh, I like breathing in fresh air.

“And if kids parents want them to wear a mask, that’s fine. But don’t tell everybody that they have to wear a mask just because you want to. Ya know, more people die in car wrecks than the Corona in Arkansas. In Arkansas it claims to have killed 270 people.

“The CDC claims 270 people have died of Corona. Way more people died in car wrecks, but the interstates ain’t shut down. How come ya ain’t shut down the interstates Asa? Okay, let us drive at our own risk, let us go to Walmart at our own risk, let us do stuff at our own risk, that’s all that I’m saying.

“And I don’t think that that’s too much to ask for, ya know? So, say what you want about me, but I had to say that, and this is the only platform I had to say any stuff like that.

“And there’s a lot of people I love that this is effecting negatively. It’s effecting their businesses, taking money out of their pockets so I can’t sit here and have this platform and say nothing. I had to say something, and I appreciate y’all for giving me the platform to say something. Thank you.”

It’s a beautiful thing ‘Thug Nasty’ used this platform for something good, great even. You see Tyron Woodley using this as a platform for Black Lives Matter, you see Colby Covington using it as a platform to campaign for Donald Trump, you see other fighters using it as a platform for this, that, but this one, this really resonates with us.

It’s quite evident at this point, Covid-19 was not ever a danger to anyone that isn’t 90-years-old or 4-years-old, and wasn’t ever a danger to people that take care of themselves and are healthy. Most of, if not all of the deaths from Covid-19 were incredibly exaggerated, and they were from underlying health issues.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father, Abdulmanap is a perfect example. He caught Covid-19, but he had underlying health issues, quite a few of them. At this point, it’s not getting worse, and if it was, it’s not even as dangerous as literally any flu that’s ever came around.

We see other governors, not just Asa Hutchinson, doing the same thing. Governor Cuomo for instance, the governor of New York. The guy is locking everything down again, and is trying to make it mandatory that New Yorkers get a vaccine.

Vaccines put viruses in your body, whether it’s so you don’t get sick later or not, they defeat the purpose. It’s a harmful toxic virus they put in your body so you get it now, rather than later. To make that mandatory, let alone wearing masks and being forced to stay in your home, do you still believe you are in control of your own body?

That’s the problem, control. The government has had control over us for decades and decades, and it just gets worse and worse as the years go on. The only reason most don’t bat their eyelids to it is because it’s been so normalized, it’s the world most of us have grown up in.

This whole thing has gotten absolutely sickening. It’s been proven Covid-19 is man made, it survives at all temperatures, something natural viruses aren’t capable of. It wasn’t meant to kill people though, no. It was made so the medias across the globe could advertise it as killing people so they have more control over us.

Forcing us to wear masks, telling us where we can and can’t go, telling us we must get a virus injection (in some places), it’s sickening. We’re all adults here. And the ones that aren’t adults have parents to make that choice for them.

We have to wake up and be ourselves every day, no one else, that’s our life to live. We were each individually given one, it’s up to us the precautions we take, or don’t take in it.

Or, maybe it wasn’t for control. Maybe they did try to create something that would kill people off, and it just wasn’t as dangerous as anticipated. Just wait, it won’t take long for them to create another one, or just keep this one going to continue controlling us, like they have been.

You may ask, if our government is trying to control us for something unethical and potentially dangerous, why are other countries doing it too?

If other countries are doing the same thing, doesn’t that mean they’re for our best interest, and it just makes sense to take all these precautions and just listen to them? Well, you ever hear of the United Nations? It’s a thing. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up, it all makes sense.

Think about it, we all know the survival rate for this is well over 99%, so why do they continue shutting things down and continue trying to control us?

For all the kids that really listened to every word while they were in school, so they grew up falling in line, so that’s what they do, fall in line because they have minds of sheep and aren’t smart enough or confident enough to have their own opinions and thoughts.

That’s what they were taught their whole lives, it’s sad. It’s up to us as individuals to know when enough is enough, this government is trying to see how much they can get away with so when they really have every step figured out as to their new world order, they know just what to do.

Many of us walked around with masks scared for our lives or just simply stayed indoors, in fear of our lives, even knowing if you catch it, you’re going to live. That’s what they want. They told us to stay indoors, many of us did. They won, they know what to do now, they know where to find us when the time comes.

Open your eyes people, this is as corrupt as it gets. Something needs to be done about it. The people that will be giving Mitchell backlash are the same people I was just talking about, the ones that actually fall in line. Like the government doesn’t do enough bad, like they don’t take enough from us as it is?

It’s time to make a stand, this isn’t right, and we need to act as a whole before it’s too late and half of us, or more, aren’t here anymore. It’s happened before. You learn a lot from history, why? It repeats itself, and mass genocide has happened many, many times before.

Don’t believe it? Look up the Denver Airport, there’s enough twisted conspiracy controversies in that alone to write ten articles about, and it’s all right in front of our eyes.

This is the direction it’s going to go in, sooner or later, it will happen. Just like Mitchell felt the need to use his platform, I feel the need to use mine. Think for yourselves and do not ever let the government dictate how you live your life.

Taxes, social security, working your life away just to make ends meet like 99 out of 100 people do, all those things are plenty bad enough without “higher” beings trying to enslave us and make it even worse.

This isn’t a pandemic, this is a scam-demic.

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