Can CBD treat Acne?

Can CBD treat Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when the hair follicles of your body become plugged with oil and dead skin cells and create protuberances in the affected areas. While it mostly affects teenagers, it is not uncommon for older adults to suffer from acne symptoms to some degree. There are a wide variety of treatment routes one can go through to fight acne, but one that might be especially fascinating to go over is CBD, which has recently established as a household name for alternative medicine and is said to be able to treat everything from anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain.

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a compound naturally found in hemp (Cannabis sativa) that binds to the cannabinoid receptors within our bodies and stimulates the endocannabinoid system causing a mild sensation of relaxation among other things. CBD Cream Canada are usually aimed to treat chronic pain and joint pain, but can they also help with acne? Let’s find out.


What does the data say?

Although not as broad as research in other fields of treatment, CBD has shown in some studies to have a positive impact on acne-affected skin because of its interaction with the body’s natural production of sebum. Sebum is a waxy substance created by skin cells that functions as a protective barrier between the skin and the outside world. When sebum combines with dead cells and gets trapped inside a pore it causes inflammation and becomes acne.

In 2014 a group of scientists explored the effects of CBD on the human sebocytes, which are the cells responsible for the production of sebum. They found that CBD slightly inhibited the fabrication of sebum while also triggering an anti-inflammatory in the cells thus preventing inflammatory cytokines from activating, which can also contribute to the apparition of acne throughout the body.

The lack of further research makes hard for the findings to be conclusive but the amount of anecdotal evidence seems to back up this theory for the most part.


Method of usage

CBD is a lyophilic and hydrophobic substance. That means it will blend with oil but will not mix with water, making its proper absorption more difficult since the human body works within a hydrophilic system. In order to create CBD Cream Canada, CBD needs to be mixed with a proper carrier oil that works well with human skin. Common options include coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil and argan oil.

Oral ingestion of CBD in forms of oil or edibles might help tackling acne but CBD will work the best with a topical application diretly into the affected area with a CBD cream Canada.


The bottom line

There are many different products online and in stores so it is important to go through the list of ingredients of each CBD cream Canada to make sure there are no substances that you might be allergic to. It is also essential to ensure that the distributor has proof of authenticity regarding the purity of the CBD used since there is a fair chance of bumping into products that contain less CBD than advertised.

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