THC Cartridge

Can You Refill a THC Cartridge?

Vaping has become quite popular, especially among young people. They use vape pens to feel the high of Delta 8. Some people also use these pens for medical purposes. Delta 8 is produced from THC, naturally found in hemp plants. 

THC has intoxicating side effects, and its use is legalized in the US and other parts of the world. And people who use Dalta-8 vape pens often wonder whether they can refill them. The answer is yes. And here, we will discuss everything you need to know about refilling your THC cartridge.

THC Cartridge

Can you refill Delta 8 disposable pens?

Delta 8 vapes are available in two types refillable and disposable. And thus, a lot of people wonder if the disposable THC cartridge can be refilled. If you have a disposable delta eight vape pen running out of Delta 8, you must be curious whether you can refill your pen and use it again. Yes, you can repeatedly refill and use your Delta vape pens. 

Step to refill your delta eight vape pen

We have learned that you can refill your delta eight vape pen. But how will you do it? There are three primary steps to refill your THC cartridge and enjoy vaping with the same pen for a long time. Also, when you refill, you can reduce the overall expense of getting a completely new vape pen every time you run out of THC cartridges.

Step 1: Open the mouthpiece by unscrewing it 

Refilling a disposable delta eight cartridges may feel tricky, especially if you have never done that before or do not know the technical side. To fill your Delta 8 THC cartridge, you need to open the mouthpiece of your vape pen. The first step of refilling your vape pen is to unscrew and open the mouthpiece. You can do it by twisting the mouthpiece clockwise for two or three complete rotations. It needs to be opened depending on your vape pen style. 

This is the only way to identify whether your vape pen is refillable. If you can get off your vape pen’s mouthpiece, you can refill it easily. Once you free up the mouthpiece, obliterate it and retain it to use after refilling. However, it would help if you remembered that your THC cartridge is useless without the mouthpiece.

Step 2: refill with delta-8 THC oil

Once you remove the mouthpiece of your Delta 8 THC cartridge, you can refill it with a delta eight oil refill. However, you must be extra careful to avoid accidents or leakage-related troubles during your cartridge refilling. To refill your delta eight vape pen, you can use a syringe or an eyedropper to fill the cartridge. It is advisable to use a syringe to minimize the chances of spilling the oil accidentally. Also, you do not need to obliterate the cartridge to refill it. Keep the delta 8 THC cartridge attached to the batteries; it will help you get a good grip and hold it properly while refilling your vape pen. 

Also, be mindful while refilling the pen and avoid overflowing it with your precious Delta 8 oil. Generally, the delta 8 THC cartridge contains 1 gm to 0.5 gm delta eight oil, also known as e-juice, and if you inject more than its capacity, you will overflow it. In addition, overflowing the cartridge wastes your costly THC oil and makes it difficult to use the pen further or attach the mouthpiece. 

Step 3: Put them back again

Once you are done refilling, and your THC cartridge is nearly full of e-juice, safely return the mouthpiece to end the process. Follow the same process you used to unscrew the mouthpiece from your Delta 8 vape pen. This time rotate the mouthpiece anti-clockwise upon fixing it over the cartridge. Rotate once or twice until firmly attached to the pen’s body.  

However, many people tend to overdo attaching the mouthpiece tightly. But this can lead to unnecessary troubles like breakage or jammed mouthpiece. As a result, the pen can go entirely to waste, and they need to replace the pen scaling the expense instead of reducing it. 

So, never overdo the screwing and do as much as necessary to close the pen. For instance, if you did three rotational twists to open the mouthpiece, doing the same anti-clockwise will be enough to put the mouthpiece back in its place. 

Where to get Delta 8 THC cartridge refill?

If you are about to end your vape pen’s e-juice, you might be worried about where to get the refill and enjoy vaping without any break. As the US has legalized THC, you can quickly get THC cartridge oil and other products online or at THC shops. You can also get the refill from your nearest medical shop that provides THC products. However, buying online is more beneficial and convenient than getting it from stores. You can get options from companies, potency, and dose for online purchases. Also, you can get competitive pricing when you buy them in bulk. 

Why refill your delta eight vape pens?

Have you wondered why many people refill their THC vape pens when they can get a new pen quickly? Well, there are multiple reasons why you should refill your pen instead of getting a new one. When you buy, a refill is way cheaper than getting a new pen every time you finish your e-juice. Also, when you refill your delta eight vape pen, you can reduce pollution by reducing the number of vape pen disposal. 

THC Cartridge


Delta 8 vape pens are refillable, and you can quickly get the THC cartridge refill in your nearest medical shop or online store. And here, we have shared everything you should know about refilling your Delta 8 vape pen.

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