Carlos Lozoya

Carlos Lozoya talks upcoming Fury FC 75 fight and training at Tiger Muay Thai

Carlos Lozoya has had a bit of different training camp for his upcoming fight.

For months Lozoya and his wife had a trip booked to visit Thailand and then Lozoya got an offer to fight on Feb. 17 at Fury FC 75.

Lozoya and his wife didn’t want to cancel their trip so instead, Lozoya decided to spend a few weeks training at the world-famous Tiger Muay Thai.

Everyday Lozoya shows up to the gym and gets his work in and he’ll continue that process until he returns to the United States in the beginning of February.

Once he gets home, he’ll adjust back to his usual time zone and put the final touches on his training camp before fight night.

While the process sounds different from what people are usually used to seeing out of fighters, Lozoya doesn’t mind. He loves being a martial artist and as long as he’s working on his craft, he’s happy.

He’s also happy about his decision to return back to the bantamweight division.

Recently, he tested the waters out at flyweight and the cut was difficult and it had a slight impact on his performance.

Now that he’ll be fighting at his natural weight class, Lozoya will look to return back to his winning ways and he hopes that the UFC maybe calling soon for a shot on Dana White’s Contender Series.

If that phone call doesn’t come, Lozoya is fine with that. His main goal this year is to have fun and stay active as he’d like to fight four or five times throughout the course of 2023.

Prior to Fury FC 75, Lozoya spoke with MyMMANews to discuss his upcoming fight, training at Tiger Muay Thai for the majority of his training camp and he briefly discusses his service in the Army.

You can watch his full interview in the video above.

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