Celebrity Boxing Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

Celebrity Boxing Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

Celebrity boxing matches have made recurring appearances in the world of combat sports for decades now. Over the last few years, celebrity boxing matches have been growing in occurrence, in popularity, and some might even say in demand.

Recently, the name that has become synonymous with celebrity boxing has been the Paul brothers. Just last weekend, Jake Paul went toe-to-toe with Tyron Woodley in their second showcase. Although Woodley and Paul’s fight in late August this year ended in a split decision which saw “Problem Child” narrowly escape and keep his unbeaten record intact, the pair’s second showing ended in a pretty decisive KO finish to Woodley. Granted, “The Chosen One” had taken the rematch on short notice with only 12 days to prepare but it might be safe to say that fight fans shouldn’t hold their breaths for a rubber match.

Whilst all that is slowing down though, it seems like the trend of celebrity boxing fights continues to roll on, especially in South Africa. Cassper Nyovest is one of the most popular and beloved rappers in South Africa, and many have been awaiting the day he stepped into the ring. For his first fight, Nyovest squared up against a YouTuber named Slik Talk. Nyovest went on to win that bout via TKO.

Back to the latest star in celebrity boxing, Jake Paul is seemingly still riding on a high and has created a boxing bucket list for himself even:


Celebrity boxing fixtures seem like something that combat fans should get used to. It could be said that these types of events draw more eyes to the sport, thus possibly increasing the overall appeal. On the flip side though, it could seem like celebrities are taking over the sport and the actual fighters are not getting the respect they deserve, thus not allowing it to be fully appreciated. Either way, fight fans can only hope that middle ground will be achieved, where fighters can get to showcase their hard work and celebrities can choose to squash their beef in the ring without the other having a negative effect on the other.

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