Chael Sonnen, Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen on Jon Jones recent social media activity :”He knows something we don’t”

MMA Superstar Chael Sonnen has a real hunch that former UFC champion Jon Jones may have beaten the system and could be returning and fighting earlier than we expected, or as Chael describes it, “maybe Jones knows something we don’t.”

Going into further detail, Sonnen believes that Jones possibly knows that his situation will be ending soon, and will be eligible to compete again.

Sonnen also believes that Jones may even know where his next fight might be taking place, in which Sonnen mentioned the UFC 230 card on November 3, in the former champ’s home state of New York.

The proof? Sonnen says look no further than the former world champion’s recent activity on social media.

“Jon keeps coming out [on social media],” Sonnen said on his Beyond the Fight podcast. “And his coaches are now coming out. And now training videos are being released. It’s very tough to make believe that Jon doesn’t know something.”

Sonnen then went onto discuss how Jones rarely trained when he had major fights coming up, and claims that being Jones has all of a sudden put out video clips of him training, would suggest, in Sonnen’s opinion, he’s got something major in the works.

“His biggest enemies are his own teammates,” Sonnen said. “The reason we all have these stories about Jon Jones is because his teammates tell us. His teammates are green with envy over him. Because he works out the least, shows up the most infrequent, leaves early and then kicks everybody’s ass and makes all the money. It’s just a jealousy thing. It’s as simple as that, it’s a jealousy thing.”

“His teammates will tell you, Jon Jones doesn’t work out,” he continued. “He does not train consistently. He works out a couple of weeks before a fight. Jon Jones has come out in the past and said ‘ah I worked out two weeks for that fight.’”

“Jon Jones is now putting out training videos, regularly,” he said. “And even though they’re not very good — some of them are in his garage at home where he looks slow as molasses rolling up hill — that’s just how the guy trains.  When he has a fight coming up.”

Do you believe Chael Sonnen?

Is Jon Jones being on social media lately leading to some kinda big fight here soon?