Chael Sonnen now calling out who ………An ‘Ace’?

Chael Sonnen now calling out who ………An ‘Ace’?

Whether you love him or hate him Chael Sonnen gets people talking.  Unless you have UFC Fight Pass you are probably not catching the weekly action between the brash trash talker and opposing coach Wanderlei Silva on TUF Brazil, however, Sonnen is drumming up about as much media attention here in the States as any other coach in the history of the show.

How?  With his mouth.

Millions of fans are talking about the non-sanctioned scrap that took place between Silva and Sonnen on the show, yet before the two coaches meet in the finale, Sonnen is already picking a fight with someone else, and his choice may surprise you.

If there an award for the nicest guy in MMA, Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin surely would be at the top of the list.  Although he hasn’t fought since 2012 and states that he would like to have one more fight before retirement Franklin hasn’t asked for any opponent in particular.

That hasn’t stopped Sonnen from being the bad guy and calling out the former UFC middleweight champion via Twitter.

@sonnench – “No, no, no… The math teacher doesn’t walk away. I put him away. You got one good one left. I’m not asking…

“What would you like me to call u? Mr Franklin? Rich? Richard? Dick? Ace? Just call me the 1 who ended ur career. Now I’ll take a berry blast.”

Sonnen’s ‘berry blast’ comment is in reference to Franklin’s Juice and Fruit Fusion Cafe in Beverly Hills.

Franklin has yet to make a statement in reply to Sonnen.

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