Chelsea Davila excited to make her debut at USKA on March 3

Chelsea Davila excited to make her debut at USKA on March 3

Chelsea Davila has not had much time to herself to do some of the things that she has dreamed about. The opportunities just weren’t there for Chelsea earlier in life that would allow her to follow her desires to compete in mixed martial arts.  She’s become a devoted wife and mother of six.  She knows the real life “grind”.  What she really wants is to know is the fighters’ “grind”.

On March 3, at USKA in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Davila gets the chance to realize one of her goals as she takes on Emily Marino in her kick-boxing debut.  Chelsea’s had lots of support at home from her children, who have pitched in to give her time for training. She’s been working hard in the gym for this day for about a year and a half.  It doesn’t hurt that her husband, Mike, is one of her coaches.  Mike has been active training fighters for years now, and gets to test his emotional boundaries as the woman he loves, steps into the ring to fight.

I chatted with the busy mother and aspiring athlete for just a few minutes.  Please listen to her below as she tells us how she balances her home life, and training. It’s a wonderful story that she gets to follow through on a goal that she has wanted for years.

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