Chris Buckley, Cage Wars 35

Chris Buckley talks motivation to compete, defend title at Cage Wars 35

Chris Buckley is heading into Cage Wars 35 against Kenny Gordon and hopes to defend his welterweight title. Buckley won the welterweight belt at Cage Wars 34 when he took a title fight on short notice against Ben Horton.

Cage Wars 35 is scheduled for January 27, at the Washington Ave Armory in Albany, New York. The thirty-fifth installment will include 20 amateur MMA bouts, including six title fights. Doors swing open at 6:30 PM and fights are expected to start at 7:30 PM EST.

Buckley, 29, talked with My MMA News reporter Kyle Carroll about his amateur MMA career, and the path that guided him to this point. The Cage Wars champion explains his motivation behind fighting inside the cage.

The current Army National Guard (My MMA News Thanks YOU for your service) briefly spoke about his opponent, Kenny Gordon. Gordon in his last fight at Cage Wars 34 lifted his foe through the air, slamming him onto the canvas like a sack of potatoes. Buckley mentioned he’s confident in his wrestling skills, a former high school wrestler, that Gordon won’t be able to lift him through the air.

Buckley also discussed his gym, 5 Element MMA in Elmira, New York. He talked about how his training partners at the gym are like family.

The Cage Wars welterweight champion is a humble man. He may not pass the eye test for some but his fighting skills do. The 3-1 amateur welterweight champion is seeking his fourth TKO, finishing all of his previous three opponents, Buckley has a message for everyone at the end of the interview.

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Watch the Full Chris Buckley interview below:

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